The dark side…Madam Bridgette inspires me.

Holloween is upon us…but trust me, has little to do with this turn up!
The Madam Bridgette Coat and skirt set was pure destiny..unplanned goodness and synchronicity! Taking place during the full moon. Madam Bridgette is actually MAMAM Bridgette, a goddess of death of diasporic and African religions dealing in Ifa, voodou,and metaphysics.
I HAD to channel her..see, I AM BORN of New Orleans, La soil! Don’t even know if I can still get my birth certificate lmao (Katrina woes). Anyway, from the underground, we slay!
This black cubed corderoy blessing is lined in 100% silk and is just cute!!! Keep in mind, I can design skirts of many styles! The mini keeps getting on me. I love the jacket, which is shaped like a body bag….lined like a coffin. We could get deeper…but I don’t want to lose you. Imagine what I can come up with, with your vision!



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