Coming next week: Oshun Dress and Natural Body pictionary!

Next week is a week of the full lunar moon manifestation(full moon) and the Goddess Oshun will fuel my next piece, a full lace and batik gown! I hear you, all who want more batik and Sankara! It’s not cheap Fam! But it’s coming and will be worth the wait!

As for the artistic redition of Oshun,
I’s been done..but lemme put some Goddesque on it!

The most exciting aspect is that my daughter will be modeling and is five months pregnant! So she will exude what she does so effortlessly to give life to the mysterious and alluring concept of the essence of the Goddess Oshun!

Also, a natural body photo shoot with some of my INTIMATES line!! Don’t miss it!!
And yes…music is coming!
.Peace and Light!

*Pictured/ my lovely daughter, Model: Ihsan Taylor


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