Honoring the Divine Feminine through fashion-GODDESQUE CO.©!

Peace Family! I wanted to formally introduce my work and reintroduce myself to under my new MONIKER, Nijeta Ankh♀!
Formally known as Connie Muhammad and even earlier as Nutmeg (female rapper) I have passed through many portals in life and changed accordingly. This venture is close to my heart , simply because I love and study fashion.
Nutmeg garnered international attention but she was not groomed. And through my earlier years I RARELY WORE WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO WEAR! Taking the stage in store brought clothes was never my style and who wants to get caught seeing double while wearing the same as another?? No one! Also.. I’ve had a flair for HIGH FASHION CONCEPTS and sketched alongside my songs and raps, ever since I can recall.  My favorite aspects of the art are color and form. My favorite designers are actually indie but I do take some high fashion as a guideline to grow from. My muse is metaphysical and the divine feminine energy is what I seek to redefine and showcase, as well as the feminity and inner as well as outer beauty of my customer. Textiles have also been an interest and inner longing to manipulate for my pleasure! Bold indigenous prints and solids show my designs the best as well as makes for the GODDESQUE CO.© look! I am involved in every aspect of the creation process of the  garments I produce!
I choose the name Goddesque to signify the beauty of the original wombman and her strength!
Enjoy the photos. My line is coming together by a new design each week! If you would like to order custom wear, email me at goddessnijeta@mail.com.

Appreciate you!
Peace and Light!
Nijeta Ankh
*Pictured, myself in The Empress shirt dress made with 100% imported Sankara


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