Why I am leaving Facebook, An holistic view.


I have been participating in the social experience called social media as well as the seemingly religious but EMOTIONALLY addictive, Facebook, for about 7 years. Culturally, we have had no reference of anything like it in the past. In the beginning, the reach was amazing, the connecting was surprising and excitingly new. Like an ongoing high-school reunion! Except….those can be painful…so can social media.

A few years ago, it was mentioned (reported scarcely) that Facebook was CAUGHT CONDUCTING EXPERIMENTS of a BEHAVIORAL nature, through the site! This caused some hair to raise, but…most users (already devoted) held on. Not long after, Messenger was introduced and FORCED on users. This totalitarian app TAKES OVER your whole communication efforts including your videos. I held out for years and finally downloaded it (Messenger) or face being locked out of my message box in about 2015.
That’s when things got weirder. I had over 4500 “Friends” and could post “Good morning” to at least 20 responses. That made sense…THOUSANDS ARE CONNECTED AS “FRIENDS”and should see your posts…right??
Wrong! They have changed the algorithm to where just 1% ENGAGING of your “friends”. A very busy time for social activism, I had a few posts that may have raised some eyebrows…but who hasn’t?? Month long campaigns to end deaths like Michael Brown and the Ferguson event did take over many “profile lives” as well as mine, as I was very concerned and vocal. Did that affect my post’s visibility?? I suspect. I never posted gore, porn, or misinformation..as far as I knew. But moreso, my mistake was BEING THERE! MY CONCENTRATION HAD BEEN STOLEN! AS for admin of the site, great folks! Silent cyber ninjas doing dirt??

For at least two years, my profile has been systematically deactivated…but still visible, to me and what seems like 20 people…the same. These may be regarded as my “active friends” (take a hint users). Basically, I had to examine my profile to see the inconsistencies. One thing that had me heated, my picture albums we’re hidden from view with restrictive settings that I COULD NOT CHANGE!
Now what part of the game is this!?
It’s the game of manipulating the mind. Sorry FB, you are like a bad x-husband who swears they did so much for you when you were being abused the whole time!
Rumors of a fully operating gov experiment are been exposed. Strange messages (through the viral Messenger app) from people we don’t know…some who ARE NOT ON OUR FRIENDS LIST sending “shocking ” video meant to upset and /or an occasional virus!
As a indie artist, I admit, it’s made careers! But all of the tagging and posting eventually gets you under watch. The “Business” pages are graveyards if you do not “cultivate” with what admin claims to be “engaging” content..but it’s facisious , I say that because it makes no difference what your content is , this is all conditions where one must BUY feed space. And I just don’t like FB that much!
So asside from the occasional ptsd revisiting posts, cointelpro type statuses of non-friends being pushed in my feed, it was just simple human kindness that we really seek..right? AND ENGAGEMENT, AND TO KNOW WHEN EVENTS ARE!
It could have been the soft porn, AFROCENTRICally promoted to cause morning erections (to be handled or not) and perhaps a nice art image or two..FB has lost tru edge and integrity, and me.
And let’s not talk about all of the family and friends we have LOST in debates and endless rivolry…the contentious way we engage. It must all FEED THE FB MONSTER into a raging juggernat! Too much!!

So I lay my Facebook account to rest. I’ll leave it open, like an open casket but will live elsewhere in this raging sea called INTERNET!



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