Sun-Goddess beauty secrets!

Turning 40 was actually calm and surreal with the big people I have around me, calling me mommy. And even smaller sibling calls me “Rapping grandma” and I happily accept!
I actually come from a long line of strong Creole, Cuban: African wombman of this hemisphere! With beautiful completions that didn’t “crack”, strong bodies , and hair galore! Many wanted to know their secrets. Over time, I gathered a few of their’s and mine to share! Goddess Tried and True!

1.Do what you LOVE!: YES! THIS KEEPS US YOUNG! The people of Somalia believe if you do what you are destined to do, you are much happier! With a more fufilled life, it’s less stress, and that’s actually good for your countenance. Think of your boss and his scowl.

2.Aloe Vera: I have it my disposal readily, because it grows everywhere in Phoenix. I break open a leaf and dab the gel all over my face and hair. It’s amazing for locs and children’s hair! It does have a smell to it, you can add an essential oil or buy it in tubes, already treated. Great for body, I live by it!

3.Olive oil: This is AMAZING in food but FANTASTIC in hair and on skin as well as a natural moisturizer. With this and the next oil, your moisturizer needs are covered (I strive not to use chemicals).

4. Coconut Oil: This is a “magic” oil that is good for multiple uses including pulling (mouth rinse). Use also for skin ailments of bacterial nature since coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties. It also makes hair SO SOFT!

5.Natural hair: HAVING NATURAL HAIR has given me years on my life! With less chemicals , it’s less toxins on/in my body as well as healthier hair!

6.Detox WEEKLY! Keep in mind of the constant stream of chemicals and toxins that build up eventually causing erosion and cellular malfunction. I drink lime water and eat greens (spinach or kale) daily with my meals. I adhere to a dairy, vegetarian diet (yes, I’m still evolving,lol) but I keep charged up on those greens. They feed the DNA, and clear the pineal gland as well.

There’s always more but put these in your routine Queens!!

Peace & Light!
Nijeta Ankh♀

Pictured: Nijeta Ankh♀


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