The new third eye, the Mandela effect, the fifth dimension…stuff we need to cover…

These are just some of my everyday thoughts but what makes it matter to more than just me, is IT’S CHANGING FOR EVERYONE! Perception and consciousness is expanding! We are seeing a manifestation in nature as a phenomenon called The Mandela Effect. This is a (psudo) science that the online Community has cultivated sense there is seems no better way to refer to it! Some people can’t agree on when or if South African leader, Nelson Mandela ever died. I will ask that you take a few HOURS and GOOGLE or Bing it…done….crazy stuff right!?

I believe, it’s mostly true and factual..from each person’s vantage point.

Here’s my question, where is the pineal gland?

If you don’t know or think it’s in the middle of the eyes, you are not alone. But no…it’s NOT in the middle of the eyes… anymore.
Don’t panic, it’s all happened to All of us..and I will be glad to explain…

Look out for a explanation from the goddess, later this week in part2..

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