My obsession with Lapis!

This one caught me off guard! Much later in life.
I never really wore (semi-precious) stones in my early adulthood.
Growing up in the 90’s, gold chains, rings, and diamonds were what we culturally desired.
However, as I came more informed of the Lebeers family Diamond takeover of Sierra Leone and afrikkan children forced to mine, I stopped wearing diamonds and gold as well.
I did , however always appreciate silver , a conductor metal, and the lovely, red-hued metal- Copper.
As I drew nearer to natural stones as well, I picked up a lapis and copper piece that stretches and twists how I want, via a flexible metal wire. It looks primitive now, because the beads are a lil beat up, I dont leave the house without it! Heres why..
Mined as a precious stone of Ancient Kemet, it’s dark aqua blue hue, warms my soul! Not only is it  my favorite color, it is the stone of the great goddess of the sky Isis! A stone of powerful properties, it is also a healing stone which actually aids in blocking extreme pain impulses!
Used frequently in ancient tombs of the Kings of the Book of the Dead, Kin Tuts entire golden socophogus is covered with it.

Super-affordable, I advise stone lovers to pick up at least one piece, and keep it with you! You will find it likes that.

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Pictured: me with Lapis in hair.
Pictured: My very own yoni egg.. Amythest and Lapis.

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