Can we leave the Age of disengenous RELATIONSHIPs ?..Full blog this Thursday




I am ready…ready to find what I already have and don’t need cause it’s all in me anyway, ha!

The struggle for a pure RELATIONSHIP of a functional, symbiotic level is REAL!

It’s the age of lust in the spectrum of black RELATIONSHIPs! How big is her ass?? How big is his wallet???

Does anything else matter??

Is it just all in how you play the game?

Gain what you need , by whatever means and be happy? Isn’t that what prostitutes do?

Do we wanna be the bottom now? Come on y’all, Black Love don’t have to mean ghetto love…can we raise the standards?

And no one is honest. It’s dangerously competitive  which makes the average  dating pool an hostile environment ripe with envy; Where many think this way-

“She/He looks like she might get what I want, faster than me…so lemme crush him/her …fast af”.

A real dog eat yoni world , Ha!


Is it this bad?

And when will grown men under, over, and innerstand, lying to gain sex, is RAPE!?


So…..grown people with awesome names and parts of awesome organizations and jobs CONDUCT THEMSELVES THIS WAY and we all claim to raise our kids well…WHILE living as rapists and thieves.



Well I’m gonna examine this more this coming week..look for the full articles this Thursday!


In the meantime, beware!!




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