Can we LEAVE the Age of Disengenous RELATIONSHIPs? Pt2


Intent, intent, intent!
Let’s define that word:

  1. 1.
    intention or purpose.
    “with alarm she realized his intent”
    synonyms: aimintentionpurposeobjectiveobjectgoaltarget;More

Now this is clear, let’s talk about what it means at the onset of a relationship. Intent is a determining factor for if/when the relationship commences. It also seals the fate of the Union or dysfunction. You CANNOT change intent. It was THERE AT THE BEGINNING. Intent is how you desire to engage an individual, in this case.

“As a man thinkest, in his heart, so is he.”

Yes, I used a “Biblical” passage. It’s matter who wrote it.

By the way, excuse my tardiness , but I took the morning to pamper myself. And after a few layers of Olive oil, it occurred to me that this article is a powderkeg of a topic!

We, wombmen (original women of original ancestry) have complained about the lack of honesty from our male counterparts. So much so, that some of us have adopted the same tactics. “Sidepiece Nation” has many citizens, and not many are being honest, with themselves nor those participating within the arrangements of convenience (Or inconvenience). Looks like hard interpersonal work to be a lover these days!

Also, The dawn of a new form of spirituality is also churning, bringing back the poly lifestyles of our ancient past. But that’s not really what this article is about as much as what is disguised as something of a relationship of convenience and is really one of exploitation, sometimes on both sides of the relationship.
First, let’s define relationship:

  1. the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.
    “the study will assess the relationship between unemployment and political attitudes”
    synonyms: connectionrelationassociationlinkcorrelationcorrespondenceparallelalliancebond, interrelation, interconnection

    “the relationship between diet and diabetes”
    • the state of being connected by blood or marriage.
      “they can trace their relationship to a common ancestor”
      synonyms: family ties, family connections, blood ties, blood relationship, kinshipaffinity, consanguinity, common ancestry, common lineage

      “evidence of their relationship to Buffalo Bill Cody”
    • the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.
      “the landlord–tenant relationship”

As I think deeper on it, we can see a kind of turmoil is brewing..the battle of the sexes continues.

They say us wombmen know within seconds if they will engage a male in regards to her affections. She knows quickly if she is attracted. She also knows if her object of attraction is attracted. We see in the life of mammals, the struggles just to mate, the fight for the affections, and the conquering (once she is taken). It’s not random, it’s strategic, sometimes arduous, and NECESSARY to bring about new life. We accept this.
However, we can examine huemans and due to a systematic and cultural breakdown or rather corrosion of the morality, direction, and basic intent and lifestyle of us original people, we have lost a sense of accountability with one another. This is due to hundreds of year old engagement with being SUBJUGATED by dominate forces of white oppresors. During the Transatlantic Slave Trade, not the best time for Black Love as we are calling it. Couples could be sold and separated from eachother for the rest of their lives. What did this do to us, genetically?  After the Civil War, more complications for us, as a people.
Now we are living the New Mellenia.
We fufill personal needs at the expense of those we benefit from as mates. We have become rugged individualist using any techniques to gain those benefits…meant for the spiritual union of persons building lives..and possibly other much younger, subservient lives depending on the stability of the union (ie. Children) . Basically, based on the original intent of those involved, it can be a house of brick or cards.

The Age of Disengenous RELATIONSHIPS is what I call it. We’ve entered a place of possible healing, but also war!
Some of us are evolving. A kind of Darwinism has spring a more educated mind and balanced (open and active) heart chakra. How will these engage the disengenous…and vice versa?

“A separation of the wheat and the tare”

Let’s also define desengenious:

  1. not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
    synonyms: insinceredishonestuntruthfulfalsedeceitfulduplicitouslyingmendacious;

    “that innocent, teary-eyed look is just part of a disingenuous act”

Before I get off my soapbox, and before you scoff and mumble, I must be another bitter black feminist, overstand, I am not only a thinker (using fuller brain function, we will talk about that in another article). But I am also a mother of four girls. I don’t want any “brothers” lying to any of them to create conditions in any of their minds that opens them up to sexual exploitation (nor do I want this for my son’s). Yet, THIS SEEMS TO BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY we are pretty much allowing the most lowest, sub-culture to influence the young minds we are stewards over, as parents. How many black mother’s do you know who teach their daughters to exploit men?? They are out there!

Cardi B said her pussy shines like gold!

Sex is everything…but we are finding that after all of the empty orgasms, broken engagements, and children born without functional parents in unions, together, we seem  to have entered a time of sexual freedom but one that is taking significant tolls.
Have you paid?
Have you given your best at having a unit with someone, only to find that you are not being honored?
What are some of the subtlties that hide the neglect? Why are some of the traits and personality of those who engage haphazardly? Leaving trails of tears? The black community is hiding a silent psychological war within our relations. Are there answers?

Let’s go to another side of the brain..the left side, possibly more masculine side. It sees things “practically” and not as creatively. This side sees that intent many times is like going into a restaurant and trying something new on the menu. The problem with that is , we are Divine entities and not only tools of pleasure. Basically, the pleasure is a means to a end (cultivation of a union). However, for the left-brained, the pleasure is the end and motivation. The energy behind that is compulsory and takes without giving synergetically. Sexual energy exchanges (sexual intercourse) and all that encompasses such uses INTENT and ENERGY FROM BOTH OR ALL INVOLVED to bring about certain outcome. This is the basis of Sex Magic and is part of our Kemetic past. If we regain this knowledge, would we stop with the transgressions? Would we find more fufillment?


“And the sins of the father will be put on the children.”


Going thru a recent divorce, involving CHILDREN is the End of this Age for me! They deserve functionality of the supreme kind, even if mommy is a unit within herself. However, I believe their father really wanted just the extra income, sex, and cooking I could provide. All while he did appear to be involved with my vision for us, didn’t connect and support it, still , he continued to take. This is the EXPLOITATION that hides. Economics is a big part of martial stress. But it’s expected. Not a time to hustle a mate, but work out a plan, based on the mutual love and respect that should be present.

This is Maat!

The same can go for poly relationship s as well…as long as everyone is aware (that’s another  article) .

This reminds me of the classic, The Color Purple, where Danny Glover’s character brutally bullies and rapes his WIFE Celie while lovingly engaging Shug Avery, while Shug Avery could care less…lol…exploitation.

Do you get it now?

This stuff has been going on for ages!

I believe in a set of precepts we build in our minds based on an over and INNERSTANDING of self. Based on this is how we engage and character is involved. RELATIONSHIPS are difficult. To “Ying and Yang” with someone , symbiotically is a delicate balance. It’s effortless, yet takes effort. This is the issue..sometimes it’s just easier to negate the process.

Someone told me he doesn’t want to see the same woman everyday. I thought, well do you like seeing your children everyday? So we are sexing but not “liking”one another ENOUGH! Lol..

We gotta get it together. I will do a article next week on the Sacred Yoni Portal and go in on Womb Wellness and achieving balance within.

We are actually reflections of one another, male and female. The secret to is to know what you reflect.

I find, there is no need to exploit anyone.

In essence, I can’t exploit myself. A raiki of my consciousness takes place giving way for the higher self. Nothing that doesn’t honor that is suitable in my space. This is god thinking.

I hope my view is unbiased as possible as I don’t want to pander to either side, I am goddess. We speak to our path and spread our purest energy to support it.

Thankhs for reading, intently, my views.


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