“The Sacred Yoni Portal, Journey Into the Emotional Higher Self of the Wombman”pt2 by Nijeta Ankh

The seat of the soul is said to be the heart. The physical place we know as an organ for transmission of our life fluid, blood. We can’t live without it. The heart is also significant because it is the FIRST ORGAN to develop, hours before even the brain, starting with only two beating cells.

The Heart CHAKRA (Our center energy vortex) is also a primary ENERGY CENTER because of its locality in the body and influence to the rest of the energy centers. This is true for both male and female bodies. The heart is an organ handling FREQUENCIES AND FROM THE TOP AORTA TO THE BOTTOM VENTRICLES has ELECTRICAL TISSUE WHICH ALLOWS THE HEART TO PULSATE and move our blood throughout our bodies. The HEART CHAKRA moves and pulsates differing levels of LIGHT ENERGY THROUGHOUT our bodies as well.

So science tells us that without a doubt, this is a biomachine, with the capacity to hold, transmit, conduct, and maintain energy.

Why would I speak on this organ in regards to the Womb, vaginal passage, and/or Sacred Yoni Portal gateway as its sometimes called?

Lets looks at its inner workings.

To start, lets define Yoni:


Spell Syllables


(in Shaktism) the external female genitals regarded as the symbol ofShakti.

Comparelingam(def 2).
Origin of yoniExpand

Borrowed into English from Sanskrit around 1790-1800

We are speaking of the womb of the Original Woman or Wombman as she is more properly called to signify the organ, The Uterus. The Uterus is , like the heart, able to hold, transmit, conduct, and sustain light energy.
In the following book:
“The Power of Shakti18 Pathways to Ignite the Energy of the divine Woman”By Padma Aon Prakash, he talks about The Galactic Center of the Universe and how the womb of the divine wombman connects with and lines up with a precise awakening taking place within this cosmic timeframe. He states “The womb and the hara are our Direct connections points to the Galactic Center of the Universe.”
He also spoke of how the womb …or Portal has lay lines, or electrical cords that crisscross and form a body of light energy or organ, womb.
It has connective tissues that are able to hold great frequencies from the ovaries (which are based on a natural time sequence) the clitoris, which has 8,000 nerve endings (electrical tissue) and the womb itself, using its own moisture to manage , clean, and provide the environment for pleasure! It also is the perfect conduit to transmit emotions from mother to fetus and vice versa.
Sacredness is relative and I don’t want to get caught up in anyone’s ideology or lack of belief in the divinity or woman and man. yet, I do recognize Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Principles.
I digress..
The womb is not only a independent ecosystem within itself, supporting life, but aids in the full health of the life in utero, fetus.
The womb Connects each of us, within our bodies as wombmen to significant electrical forces, unseen. These are frequencies of light but emit from us as EMOTION. These are highly charged physical manifestations , all powered by the same energy, at that moment…or energetic memory.
We know that each person born comes with bodies, five each to be exact to manage. Those bodies, based on Ancient Olmecan science is the following: mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, physical.
As a wombman myself of Afrikan ancestry, I can tell you that emotional management is a challenge and moreso since my personal awakening and energy work. We cannot take for granted that pushing and thrusting and basically knocking on the doors of that energy gateway, may bring more than we expect from the emotional self of woman.
There are ways to better serve the organ when the needs fits. Yoni massage, reiki kundulini healing, and womb wellness (a science revisted by author and healer , Queen Afua) all aid in managing the magic of the energy center that is yoni. Her work has described how the womb can hold genetic and cellular memory and trauma, and how to self heal, manage and remove the energy that keeps low vibrational frequencies in those areas. The womb can also hold positive memories as well, this is what a loving and compassionate partner can provide.
The idea is to raise our vibrations!
Yet, like nuclear power plants, disruptions can take place whenever we are dealing with energy in massive amounts.
 We have what are called energy fields surrounding us. this is our five bodies emanating. When in contact with other energy fields that may not correspond, it can affects ones energy. For wombman, we encounter this challenge daily…and try to tell you about it when you ask how our day was( lol). In essence, its up to each of us to manage our energy fields, and portal gateways properly.
Our brains hold an energy center or amygdala, which also lines up perfectly, if using energy techniques or meditation to clear it. The root chakra is also charged with frequencies feeding emotions, within range of the womb. Our bodies work by pathways and connections, like streets and highways.
There are exercises to use to control emotional energy, clearing these pathways by centering and using the Yoni and heart chakra as primary energy centers filtering and clearing, with conscious breathing and meditative thought. Conscious positive thought affecting us in positive ways.
The following is such, I have tried similar with positive results.
This is called the Soul Expansion exercise.
Sit upright, in the lotus position.
Feel the point in the center of your sacrel chakra..breath in and expand your heart. as you expand your heart, see your womb expanding. do it 10x……
As you do this, feel for any discomfort. if you feel it so, use the breath you are generating to remove and cleanse it from your system, exhaling.
Try this AT LEAST once a week.
This journey is mutual and as I learn, I will share family.
Connect here with me next week. This topic deserves a part 3, indeed!
Feel free to leave comments or email me at :Goddesnijeta@mail.com
Peace & Light


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