“Fearless living! Is this possible ?(full blog)” By Nijeta Ankh

” Hark ye, O man, and list to this wisdom:
where do name and form cease?
Only in consciousness, invisible,
an infinite force of radiance bright.
The forms that ye create by brightening
they vision are truly effects that follow thy cause.
Man is a star bound to a body,
until in the end,
he is freed through his strife.
Only by struggle and toiling thy
utmost shall the star within thee
bloom out in new life. “-
Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Peace Family! I am using this sacred passage as a precept for why we live….

So to speak on living fearlessly, this is my frame of reference. If yours is starkly different, I might lose you. Sorry, i’m more qualified to ENGAGE rather than pry eyes open and teach. If you think this existence is about your job, collection of possessions, who’s nice enough to have sex with you, and what prestige you can gain, we don’t share any overstanding. Feel free to click off my page now!

Everybody else, listen up!

This is a time for fearlessness. First, lets define fear:
Definition of fear

1 a : an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger
b (1) : an instance of this emotion (2) : a state marked by this emotion
2 : anxious concern : solicitude
3 : profound reverence

After seeing this, its clear that fear and the presence of such in ones mental space , can hide for time indefinate. It is predicated (this festering emotional block) by a lack of overstanding in one’s destiny, abilities, archytyple reference, and divinity. It hides as passivity, apathy, and emotional inavalibility and lack of engagement and control in regards to ones destiny.
Fear (the low vibrational energy) affects our chakras and can LOCK UP ones energy, keeping them in a state of inertia. Fear is FED by social programs, mass media, and the endless fight for levels of survival. It is and can continue to be, a BLACK HOLE taking ones energy and holding it, rendering them unable to BECOME EMPOWERED FROM WITHIN! IT IS OUR BIGGEST ENEMY fed by other, smaller enemies (overseers of controlling constructs). Here is a list of people in the average persons lifetime, that can become a significant source of fearful thinking and programs, for their love ones to suffer as they undergo (or fight ) the fear program:
Your Mother
Your Father
Your Boss
Your Spouse
Your Pastor
Your Minister
Your TEACHER/mentor
And the list goes on….

One must have STRONG firewall for these mental maladies.

“One day my soul opened up”
Inyanla Vanzant (Book title
This qoute/book title by one of the sisters who’s writing gave me life, always struck me as very profound.

One day MY SOUL opened UP!


This is what struck me, when we open ourselves to our higher power, they WILL lay something heavy on and ACTIVATE us which puts us in a new state of consciousness.. An elevated one.
This comes thru TOLL like the Emerald tablet says.
We are “STARS” bound to physical bodies. We are formless.. Within form. We have millions of cells and pathways working to keep us FUNCTIONAL, however, the FUNCTION is at its highest AS CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDS.

Trust me… Turn off the t.v..stop worrying about what the next person has, and TAP INTO YOURSELF! You might find a very powerful entity,that is YOU waiting to be refined and USED for THE HIGHER PURPOSE you were BORN FOR!
There wont be room for fear! Only AWE!

Try taking Grand Rising “mornings” to center and ENGAGE your HIGHER SELF! It’s FREE, AND ACTUALLY YOU MAY FIND QUITE CONFORTING. I LIKE TO DO SO, UNDER DIRECT SUNLIGHT as we are SOLAR BEINGS and benefit from the photosenthesis that takes place, via our melanin!
Here are other root chakra clearing activities I found:

For now, ponder this!
Living fearlessly is not only POSSIBLE, it’s NECESSARY!

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