“Year of the Crystal Star Seed!” What the “New Year” means to me! by Nijeta Ankh aka Nutmeg

Peace Family!

I just wanted to share, since it’s so vital in the present moment,
to move forward most effectively!
No, not just “New years” resolutions and botched hangovers.
We really need a plan!
Well the amazing fact is that as indigenous, original people who some know as Afrikan, we have strongholds of science and mathematics that cannot be denied. One such science is the Natural Time Sequence currently stewarded over by the Mayan. This Natural Time is based on the reproductive cycle of the wombman, the rotation of the earth around the Sun (every 28 days) as well as massive Solar changes.
This science is the all and takes all into consideration when it comes to the birth of any hueman. This is plotted on a graph which is based on the constellations and great galactic landscape. Each persons birth, is each day or “Solar sign” . Each month is always 28 days and is actually called a “Moon”. Each set of moons (13 in total , making a “year”) also recognized based on the great wheel-like syetem or cycle which rotates in succession.
Some days are actual “portal” days as some years are “portal” years which mean as they sound, great and massive outputs of natural and cosmic energy, affecting our consciousness and very lives.

This is the year of the Great CRYSTAL STAR SEED” which just happens to be a “portal” year!
If you think things have a been a bit odd…keep watching!
The years being in a different sequence,(which is organically and scientifically correct) this year actually started this past July!
Read the detailed description or Galactic signature for the day!

“I dedicate in order to target
Universalizing Awareness
I seal the input of Flowering
With the Crystal Tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the Power of Intelligence
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, Enter Me.

July 26 begins the Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed. Order your 13 Moon Almanacs Now!

New Consciousness is mandatory if we are to continue to survive as a species on our Planet today. The Time has never been more urgent to Return to the Natural time of the 13 moons.

Crystal is the tone of cooperation. Cooperation implies communication. Open communication is how we build bridges. Crystal seed is the year of the fulfillment of the Return of the People of OMA from across the bridge of time. We are the bridge. The Time is Now. OMA is the Original Matrix Attained.

The Original matrix is woven on Nature’s intelligence. Intelligence implies a perception of patterns. The 13 Moon calendar offers a simple daily system to track multiple patterns of time. The effect is the increase of order, awareness and intelligence in your daily life.

Daily use also helps you to enter into a Universal consciousness that transcends dogma, religion, race, economic status and gender. Synchronicity will become your normal every-day experience.”

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