” Being alone but not being lonely…like a Goddess!”

Peace/Hotep Family!

Last week, I covered a bit of Sacred Geometry, “Fibonacci” sequence and basically what is referred to as iconography.

In these series of blogs, I am relaying information and my viewpoints from the point of view of student AND TEACHER!

I AM a student with regards to my role in the realm of metaphysical information. Yet, I SEE, based on what the ancestors reveal to me. I have had personal revelations (some of which , I have discussed with you personally)that I have not shared publicly. Yet these experiences have led me to know I AM a seer. Therefore, how I write is to share, relay to, and build with you (in hopes of reasoning). Please note my psudo- disclaimer: I AM also a teacher, when the information I share enlightens and imparts knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding. Hallelujah!

These blogs are being written as the ether/ divine imparts such concepts and subject matter to me! I Am humbled by this.

Earlier this week, this theme entered my consciousness as a worthy subject to write on.

How to be alone?

First….let me clarify what I mean by “how”. I am referring to the most divine way, the highest vibrational activities and level of functioning. We all know we can BE ALONE if we must, but HOW do we do so, like a GODDESS?!

Some of us need WAY TOO MUCH company! Although we are a communal people, we need BALANCE!

How do grown persons utter the words “I’m bored”?? And lack energy enough to seek value in precious moments, even with self?

First, we know that we are never truly alone! The interconnectivity of life is perpetual and constantly expanding. With each day, there are possibilities of occurances, chance meetings, and life-altering experiences we will have with one another. We see innerpersonal synchronicity throughout generations. We also see that even in the mundane, we strive to connect in some way to one another. Sometimes we jump from one relationship to another, hoping not to face the truth of ourselves. Our children reach beyond and make new friends every chance they get, without a second thought. We greet one another in passing on the street with greetings of cordiality and yet humanity. It’s close..just outside your door and just within you!

As I thought on this subject, I thought of the word and concept (alone). I also thought about the metaphysical concept of oneness.

Let’s define it.

adjective & adverb
having no one else present; on one’s own.
“she was alone that evening”
synonyms: by oneself, on one’s own, all alone, solitary, single, singly, solo, solus; More
indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient.
“we agreed to set up such a test for him alone”
synonyms: only, solely, just; and no one else, and nothing else, and no one but, and nothing but
“you alone inspire me”-Wiki

To be alone , apart from the vicissitudes of life (alone) that can be emotional, financial, mental, and spiritual in nature, takes an inner knowing that you are connected with, a part of, encompassed by, and even cultivated by cosmic forces, always!

This revelation gives a sense of peace and inner harmony that makes for clarity and a deeper connection with the higher self: The One.

This revelation helps us maneuver fluidly with a distinct transcendence that raises us by degrees into the previously unknown realms of happiness and tranquility.

Yes, sleeping alone is tough! And what about the unending search for positive company? It is necessary at some point in our lives, but not necessarily ALL THE TIME! Some periods during your lifetime may demand less physical contact, verbal discourse, and comradery. Some times, we are made to take time to “defrag” and focus. I will do a post on Goddess Care (coming soon)!

On a metaphysical level, one can never get away from the truth of oneness but rather become in sync with it. Within ourselves, we are ALWAYS alone…within our bodies. Yet we feel a knowing that this inner (one) is connected deeply with another ONE and that is when we gain deeper levels of expanded awareness, we know WE ALL ARE part of this One!

We can experience this in a very sacred way in tantra arts meant to build intimacy between partners. The essence of the practices is striving for ONENESS between partners. Some partners should STRIVE TO BE ALONE (together) to bond and link on all levels (mind, body, and soul). This is what I would define as a divine relationship.


Oneness is a metaphysical concept that is appreciated in many sciences including taoism, hermitisiam, omnism, and is hidden deeply within religious texts.

But none can define it as well as the Emerald Tablet of Tehuti (Thoth)in the following passage:

“Yet know you that in Infinity there is neither above nor below. But ever there is and ever shall be ONENESS of ALL when all is complete.” – Emerald Tablet of Thoth (Tehuti) #11

So how do we live our lives alone or within the Oneness of a divine relationship?
I surmise, in gratitude!

This frees the mind up to create, elevate, and thrive instead of worrying about not having more company. You become busy, and fufilled.
There is a high vibration that awakens the kundulini, permeates your atmosphere, and gives a sense of direction.
This is what I mean by elevated functioning. There is no wasted moments on endless emotion. Every step you make is part of a predetermined path. You move in truth and righteousness and without fear!
As always…endless builds!
More to ponder!
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