“Commercialism of music, The Healing of 432 hrtz Sound and The Master Frequency,”(full blog ) By Nijeta Ankh


I bet you didn’t think I’d drop this jewel tonight…but I had to.

I am an artist and this subject is dear to me, because, with this new information I am just THAT MUCH MORE educated on what I have to improve on…and that part of the journey never ends(lol).

So what am I talking about with this long, metaphysical title?? Well , let’s start first by laying the groundwork for an exchange of information that I think you may find very interesting.

The Science of Sound

The Science of sound, music, and how it affects us has to do with frequency and the different modes it transmits thru. Music is built with soundwaves from various organic instrumentation, digital tools, and the hueman voice. Sound is a form of frequency. Frequency is measured in hertz for music. With that in mind, overstand that when under the operations of a construct or paradigm, what is this frequency used for? This is what I will examine first as we look at today’s popular music now heavily mass transmitted, downloaded, and purchased. Studies show that some children between the ages of (11-17) are listening to some form/geanre of popular music for more that 6 hours of their days (even in school) on their mobile devices! Studies also show that music that pervays an idea is many times either accepted by and/ or affected by its listener. This is because music affects the emotional center of the brain and we know ( as I’ve covered in earlier blogs) we all have an EMOTIONAL BODY that is energy that we must protect and manage (get out your sage and lighters..lol).

Commercialisation and Pop Music affects

Amisdt these truths, The music industry (as we call it) has thoroughly monopolized mass music by means of strongholds of every aspect, and outlet any production is funneled through. This includes the content and even chord arrangement as pop music uses mainly the same four chords in production. Some say this is because of the hypnotic effects of repetition of these chords, while suggestive lyrics and content ride the beat. As an artist, I empathise with the desire to have every listener sedated by and under my influence, but at what costs? Does the industry allow artists to check their moral compass and create with it’s consumers best interest at heart? Isn’t this this question of capitalism itself?(We can cover that in another blog possibly). Who cares how this music is affecting us?

Lets define Commercialism:

  1. emphasis on the maximizing of profit.
    “deficits prompted efforts for greater commercialism”
    • derogatory
      practices and attitudes that are concerned with the making of profit at the expense of quality.
      “the issue of creeping commercialism in schools”
 So based on this, it has to do with “maximizing profit” and not helping listeners in any way, when one examines the dealings of mega conglomerants: Time Warner, Sony, Apple, and Google! Such massive marketing outlets for productions, imagery, and concepts that may not be healthy, especially for young , formidable minds.

Studies are being done on the influence on children and teens. The following is from a scholarly journal on the effects of pop music on children.

“As with popular music, the perception and the effect of music-video messages are important, because research has reported that exposure to violence, sexual messages, sexual stereotypes, and use of substances of abuse in music videos might produce significant changes in behaviors and attitudes of young viewers.”


If this is true, why are we surprised at the high rates of suicide, teen pregnancy, substance abuse cases and more?

Some say these industries are actually working together to socially program for certain results. We can only look at results..even of It’s artists.

Marketed and believed to be the BEST music produced, pop artists are celebrated as gods with their tech savvy drones engineering what no indie artist can compete with..yet..mass music is produced at 330 hertz or lower…

Let’s look into healing sounds..

Healing Sounds

The clean glass and dirty class analogy is strong here. We see that ancient use of sound was healing, celebration, love, and other ritual. It was not random as it affected every moment with it’s use. Because of this, we see historical use as a frame of reference. Music has and always has had healing power.

Some of the first that this society recognizes is the Aboriginal people of Australia. By using a large wooden instrument or horn named a Yidaki, illness have been healed of various forms, for many thousands of years. This is documented! We know that based on the science of healing, our cells actually repair themselves faster when exposed to these frequencies. This one parallels with a musical scale called Solfeggio Scale>https://attunedvibrations.com/solfeggio/

This uses 6 notes in succession as well as a soundscape that aids in relaxation, healing, and even dna activation. The higher the frequency, we get to the Master Frequency which is over 1100 hertz. With lower but still healing frequencies, one attains freedom from spiritual and emotional blockages. You would think this is what the music industry is selling since they are so consistant!

I’ve went online and taken a listen for myself, instant solace. Music at this frequency of 432 hertz or higher has a quick and noticeable calming effect. What if words and content were added with the same properties? What if we mastered these frequencies and added our own content….to raise consciousness?!

The Master Frequency

There is actually a list of frequencies on the hertz scale. These show what is allieviated at which frequency and higher.

  • 174 – reduce pain
  • 285 – influence energy fields
  • 432-Reduce guilt and create change
  • 396 – turn grief into joy
  • 417 – facilitate change
  • 528 – transformation & miracles
  • 639 – reconnecting, relationships
  • 741 – expressions/solutions
  • 852 – return to spiritual order
  • 963 – awaken perfect state- https://attunedvibrations.com/solfeggio

When we began to look to Ancient Kemet for directives and guidance, we find it. They don’t let us down and show various proofs of the importance of sound. Priests used chanting for ritual and vibrational raising or energy work. Priestesses used instruments called sistrums for effect. The harp and flute were used as commonly as the guitar is used in rock or country music today. These are still some of the purest sounds produced. Overall, could they have lived without it? As we are so dependent on our favorite music and artists, probably not.

I want you to think about what i’m saying. How do we go from healing to hurting with music? Have you unplugged yet from pop music?

Looks like this just brings more questions to mind.

DNA Activation

Finally ….and most importantly, DNA activation begans with the right frequency raising activities. With the cellular response to healing and meditation being positive…WHAT’S HAPPENING to DNA dormant and in need of activation for the expressed purpose of that organism? Its stays dormant. Whereas you have the opposite effect with 432 hertz and higher, with content and lyrics that strengthens that organism with higher functioning and expanded consciousness as well as hidden gifts in the dna itself? We need an independent study on this..if we care about our generations..currently being given a diet of poor programming. The gospel is that WE CAN HEAL OURSELVES AS WELL AS EXPAND OUR CONSCIOUSNESS with very simple things in our environment, music being one of the most powerful tools!

Here is more on the science of DNA activation. http://ascendedrelationships.com/dna-activation/

I think I covered most vital aspects of this subject BUT NOT ALL. But before I go further,

what do you think?

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Peace & Light



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