“Goddesque inspired look #YemeyaDress shows up in blockbuster Black Panther!”



So I finally saw the movie BLACK PANTHER and I am inspired!! However, after a few moments into a club scene, Nakia (played by the gorgeous african goddess, Lupita Nyongo) was gleaming (literally…her skin glows!) In a dress that looks alot like a dress I designed over the summer. Maybe I am giving inspiration as well!

What do you think?

Well you know what they say, GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!

PROPS to the designers for the flick because everyone looked OPULENT!

SO DON’T FORGET who to call for your custom design!!

You too Lupita!!👑

Peace & Light!✨


photovisi-download (1).jpg





      1. Now you making the melanin blush!😄BTW heavy jewels you be dropping on your space💎Keep Elevating!!⬆Maybe we can get a honest movie review from you on the flick!🎥👀🙌With all of the emotional stuff aside and our deprivation of seeing positive images of us, did the show do us justice? Was anything pertinent missing? Was the Divine Black Masculine represented well?? We wanna know?!!👂👀💯♠😄

      2. Well some people think that because I’m so socially conscious I can’t enjoy a film. But that’s not true. I can’t help what I know and see. It’s just how your mind works when you have certain knowledge. But putting aside the political messages of the film it was well done. I think the cinematography was great. It was visually stunning. And the African clothing was authentic. I think all the actors and actresses did a great job. They were believable in their roles. I think they have deprived black people from seeing ourselves in a positive light for very long. They usually give us gangster films and slave films. Or showing some type of black family dysfunction. Although this film still had blacks killing other blacks. But I think most blacks people ignored it because the film was visually beautiful. And many of us want black children to see themselves as heroes. So I get it. I just wish we could tell our own stories. And not rely on others. We all know that your oppressor will never tell your story correctly. But overall it was a good comic book film. It had positive and negative things in it. We just have to be sure to tell our children to decipher which is which.

      3. Awesome!!🙌Overall unifying positive black merkabah for us melenated people!! I agree, I was tranced out by the beauty and my dna loved the imagery. I am seeking something from the main character that i’m still wondering on….he’s a great actor however! I’ts our first metaphysical black epic!! Hands down!! We shall see more of this and I welcome it so much!! Ok, appreciate all your feedback..followers, follow Kushite Prince ok!💎👌 Peace & Light♀

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