“The Sex Goddess vs. The objectification of the wombman” by Nijeta Ankh

“At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman. Do you remember?”-

Merlin Stone, When God Was a Woman

Peace & Light!

It is with a great pouring over on this subject, I share what I see and perceive as fact. In my humble opinion, we fail at being creatures, civilized,once the woman (or more correctly referred to as “wombman” )was marginalized, captured, and subdued.

For the record, as I have stated many times before, I am not a ” feminist” at all! I believe we are guided by both female and male ancestral beings. I also believe in the importance of a family unit (with male and female as the head and guides).

Our ancient texts show us that in great ancient civilizations (nearly all of them)wombmen we’re always revered venerated as GODDESS, MOTHER, THE GREAT MATRIARCH, ECT. And as creatoress of all beings. So is this pertinent at this time?

I believe in a great assembly guiding us. But also in a great assembly (of a lower vibration) subduing us within this environment. And the way we all are socially engineered to accept ideally who and what woman is, is based on ideas opposed to life , and life more abundantly for the populace, constructed by a great web of deception. This is an environment of slavery, exploitation,and servitude, especially for melanated wombmen. This is most definitely proven when one studies the statistics: Rape and violent domestic abuse is much higher for women. Violence against women the world over is abundant, even murder of girl babies due to broken dowrie systems is at epidemic rates in the third world . We can look at this and apply the basic over standing of the use of females in society. Women are still more often in service positions, concierge, caregiving. Women are MORE LIKELY to become prostitutes than males..and out of those females,over 80% have been abused at some point in their lives.
Rewind…..but we see in ancient civilizations, wombman were honored and used in high science….including alchemy and sexual ritual. All was used for the good of the society. Maat is the divine RULE of LAW and was ALSO A GODDESS. When did melenated women become reduced to workaholic, sexually driven (Or sexually repressed) oppressed, objectified, and exploited so , with the African wombman (within every shade of women holding her essence) suffering the most ?

The problem is defining and defined as a social program. It is shown and dessimentated by use of all types of media, mass marketing campaigns (secured first by market research, co-opting information of target markets from various sources, entertainment, and online outlets. Trends always start this way, even it is from an organic source. The subjugation of any group can easily be executed. Once it was decided that sex would be used as a tool to divide melanated people, any and all tools were used by the masters of this plot to set it forth and to make sure the EFFECTS remained.
So we now see that girls and women are defined as attractive and sexual, not divine.

Sarah Bartman Effect

An enslaved Afrikan wombman by the name of Sarah Bartman was a victim of medical torture and abuse by the hands of a licensed and respected Dr of his time, also a researcher of black women’s reproductive organs. He found that this wombman had the form of the great hottentot Venus or Venus , believed to be a ancient roman goddess but is actually Ancient Kemetic history that shows great and powerful sex goddesses such as Sekmet, Hathor, and Isis! Like the picture below, the cast iron figurine was found over 6000 years ago. Yet, Sarah Bartman had all of the physical characteristics of the goddesses of our ancient past. Who can say that the devil Dr didn’t know this and was seeking more deeper knowledge about this sister’s divine ancestry. Still, the story is that she was tortured with brutal experiments on her body, genitalia, and brain, to the time of her death. This is a part of society..at that time. So much so, that her body parts were on display at museums around Europe. This was a monetary gain for her handlers…which is now an industry full when one looks at sex industry and entertainment. The object of exploitation is not to gain anything while the handler fulfills themselves. This is a great example of sexual exploitation, of which this wombman was forced to suffer. However,  we now see that sexual exploitation,to the point of pain and hardship for the exploited, is more experienced and accepted everyday.

The Sex Goddess Vs.Objectification

The Goddess exists without over standing of her. She works in various degrees, various vibrations in the spectrum. She is your mother,  your daughter,  your friend, your wife.  But not for the reason you think.

Our obsession with shallow concept of sex (which has been deliberately engineered) and our idea of the perfect physical body is reaching unhealthy proportions. Black wombmen are actually getting surgeries to have implants placed in their behinds…I said black women  (lol)! The same as breast implants . Both can cause long term injury and side effects. Women are overeating to fit a mold and physical idea for what they believe a man they desire would be pleased with, even to unhealthy proportions. All because the collective thought has degenerated to being more about the physical feelings and sensations(from the outside) than harnessing and generating the power within(kundulini activation). This is the society we live but does not have to be in our homes and relationships.

The concept of the Sex Goddess is cultural but spiritual. She shows up , around the world, by various names: Oshun, Yemeyah, Kali, Heshat, Qutesh, and more. However her special attributes as GODDESS are due to her purpose and abilities based on her energy. And example of this is the story of the goddess Oshun pleading with the ancestors not to destroy humanity. She actually saves the planet from destruction  (based on ancient Afrikan legend) therefore, she is actually revered over other dieties of Ifa. Her beauty and sexuality was actually secondary to her courage and loyalty. THE FUNNY THING IS the Goddess Oshun is mostly known for her beauty and sexuality.

I can say that I first saw her staring back at me at age 19. Just staring at my face, something came over me. I saw her again when my granddaughter was born….within my daughter, glowing with amazing power, I was awestruck ( even after doing it 7 times myself…thats how amazing this energy is!) I have felt it everytime my mother fed me her amazing meals! Which brings me to my next part of this subject..energy.

The Sex Goddess you may have not realised to be so IS YOUR MOTHER  who bore you…carried you in her perfect ecosystem within herself. And then fed you FROM HER BODY but I’m just saying…(I get a lil riled up this isn’t clear to everyone, I’ll calm down lol) I know some will say “my momma is no goddess!” Ok , I overstand. Yet, HER PURPOSE was absolutely godly to get you here. Can I get a witness!? We grope at the flesh but miss The energy within..and it’s PURPOSE! ALSO, the psychosomatic way we look at wombman in society is based on how we actually see the wombmen in our lives. It works hand in hand. It is always relevant.

Perhaps this is why we are bombarded (by the mass media and it’s controllers) with messages that degrade this idea. Perhaps that is why we are told over and over again what the standard should be. When we are given poor “standards” to accept. Maybe someone doesn’t want poor brown and black girls to think they are powerful beyond belief. Maybe someone wants them restricted.

Telling girls (subliminally) thru mass media and it’s construct which supports it that they must look and carry themselves a certain way to be desirable is dangerous. It puts the controls of the minds of our future into the hands of those who mean us harm and no elevation. This is why it matters.

So I may have not broke the Internet with my self image of me in a teddy, but hey, look what it got you to read!☺

Stay tuned for part 2….

Peace & Light

Pictured: Nijeta Ankh (in her element).


Venus goddess

Sarah Bartman


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