“Time to move on!! (Change mental programs, activate dna, close the door on your past)” by Nijeta Ankh MAY 18, 2018

Peace Fam!

Still pondering, this cosmic shift. We should expect things to have to change for us internally.

Free your mind: and the rest will follow.

If you notice,this is all dealing with management with self, the higher self, and the ego(The five bodies “mental,emotional,spiritual,astral,physical” based on olmecan/afrikan spirituality. The framework/construct of reality/third dimemsional space and time we experience based on the management of our “bodies” and a melenated person’s perception of the (space and time)our birth archytypes and lifes work. And this includes our inmerpersonal relations, and our views of the world. If we are becoming aligned with the harmonic universe, how not our own lives? This is why a shift must take place ..on a mental and astral level.

You can recieve what you need when open and receptive to the cosmic spiritual portal or akashic halls. This can be reached through meditation and fasting. However, ones vibrations must be raised to reach this information..which is truly within..your dna.

With this in mind, how would one enlightened keep hold of old perceptions and experiences. This is the shift…..

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  1. This is an amazing and timely message! You must be open and receptive, great read!

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