Staying Orgasmic, Building Power, and Managing the Energy within” By Nijeta Ankh

Peace Family!

And now that I have your attention, let me remind you that this is only a dream…you will awaken soon…to another , and another! Ha!

Only kidding y’all (well not really, but I’m actually vibing on some of my recent studies on parallel universes (or as we correctly refer to as “yoniverse”) I feel I am absolutely transcending!

And so can you…with the gift of tantric masterbation!
Ok..I hear the rebuke. Just stop reading if this isn’t for you. Isn’t it that simple? We can choose what we want to experience. The same is for the reader of this article.

The positive and mystical(metaphysical)properties of tantric masterbation are actually incalcuble when one takes into account factual evidence of healing, emotional balancing, and energy manifestations. This practice was used by our ancestors yet not for recreactional purposes. This article is also geared toward female readers as I am addressing and acknowledging particular powers we have to benefit from , if only for healthier sexual engagement, but also less malady (mostly stress related). The female has benefit to use her third eye (womb)to hon in on deeply hidden treasures ( blessings) synchronicity,the abilities to tune in and communicate telepathically, deeper and more effective meditation and peace of mind. This is because of the chakra cleaning techniques to get one grounded, balanced. You may wonder what masturbation has to do with this.

It is simple:
Your yoni (vagina) holds a portal! It gives life but that is only in the physical realm of manifestations. This portal can also give new energy, new direction, and sometimes even daily instruction. This depends on level of awareness.
Shakti energy is what its called in the far East. Here is an explanation of Shakti

Now this can cause a conscious wombman to evole beyond the common idea of masturbation and into more spiritual energy work through the sexual ritual.
The overall power source for this tremendous energy building work is simple:
Your thoughts/mind/Third eye portal.
This is why I would suggest no porn unless you explicitly desire the person’s you are watching to receive your energy and thoughts. Of course, You wouldn’t want to waste your energy that way. The goal is to build, harness , and then SEND that energy where Yu need it. Weather it builds as thoughts or mental projections of desires or names or important things come to mind, you may need to feel, process, and then clear it from your Energy field. This is true for both masculine and feminine energies.
This is crucial!
Control your energy!
The next important aspect is control. When we are young and in our sexual experimental phase, control isn’t always the goal. The goal is attainment of the pleasures involved. Yes, we need these sensations as a backdrop or breeding ground for more experience. In other words, when activating on this level, it leads to more experience, more awareness, However, as we mature, we sense more purpose within our sexuality. With this expanded awareness, and connection, we gain an absolute sense of wholeness. Therefore, shame and fear have no space. This mental exercise can be applied to any aspect of life. We become active pratictioners when using this energy. Control is what was focused on in Ancient Kemetic the sexual rites were part of energy work and ceremony. The Goddess Qutesh was such a practitioner. This may be heavier than one wants to think on when just wanting quick release that the orgasm gives. Yet, the Ancient Kemetic practice (basically Tantra and tantric methods) along with mediation and visualisation bring about tremendous results. This I have experienced myself.

Take your time
Time is of the essence but don’t rush it. When we do not feel relaxed and focused, able to concentrate on our orgasms, we lose the full benefits of the exercise. As an evolving wombman, care and take time for yourself in order to serve others. It’s ok to be a lil selfish. Because YOU are the portal! EVERYONE around you can benefit from the energy shifting womb work!


Breathing properly and effectively can add to the power of your orgasms. This is because like meditation, the practice involves clearing the mind..opening up to the inner vastness, building the Kundalini and using it like a magic whip to clear the chakra systems, while in the orgasmic state, yes!

These are ancient secrets being re-revealed to us. With this practice, the divine feminine is Divine intervention!

In my humble opinion, the foremost scholar on the power of the melenated womb would be honored recently returned ancestor, Dr.Delbert Blair! Check out this video lecture: Pyramid Power

BEFORE you go any further. You are a magnificent being! Now , time to love yourself!

The rituals

Overstand, this isn’t about constant titillating of the body (which is fine also) but creating a holistic experience for harmony, peace, and high vibrations. This creates a stronger energy flow . With more learning of tantra and womb “activating” techniques, staying ORGASMIC is easy! It is creating an inner “Feng shu” for Kundalini energy to flow! This is the cosmic , lift altering power.
Like reiki, building and sending sexual power with intent to bring peace, harmony, balance, and love!

So use it well😉🙌
Gotta free my hands up now,
Happy mastering!

Peace & Light♀️✨

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