“DNA activation, your spiritual code, and HOW to follow it!” By Nijeta Ankh

Hotep/Peace Family!

Sending high vibes of love and gratitude this evening as I ponder this subject endlessly. It’s a huge one which transcends ideas, religion, and doctrine. It Is “scientific” however, and is common knowledge. It is WHAT WE DO with the knowledge that circumvents the “matrix” and my views are from that vantage point, we are part of something very big!

I wasn’t expecting to cover this even last week. However, now that we are in the present, this is the “present” I was given.

The concept that I am going over in this article is writing a personal code (spiritual) activating DNA, finding out which archetype you reflect , and HOW to manage to fufillment!


This is for the sister who asked for my opinion on how to connect to her higher self. I wasn’t prepared with an answer to guide her to her truth, at that time. I failed in that respect yet that was the lesson, that this question will come up, us all seeking guidance on it, subconsciously to. This , I will show in the science presented and also establish some lesser known facts about dna, our chakra system, dna activation, and ascension! Which is WITHIN REACH of everyone meant to awaken at this time! Yet, it is what one MUST DO to tap in or never realise these possibilities, that is most important. I also will show that each entity , in this full dimensional shift can acknowledge and represent (in fact, live) as that entity (god/goddess). To overstand this, we have to go into the biological, chemical (organic) processes which form an individual on a higher frequency. This is the higher self(true self). BY THE END of this writing, I desire that you can imagine the process in clarity.

Your code

You have a code. You have a set of biological, chemical, organic precepts. What is the biggest secret in plain sight is that the ancestors/God/Goddess fashioned disconnected 12 strands of DNA leaving us 97% dormant hence the scientific term Junk DNA. Not only that but there are FOUR PAIRS of DNA that starts the sequence reminiscent of the Ogdaod God’s of creation.(perhaps this proves they wrote the codes!!)…it is part of all of US! The bigger fact is that we can tap into this information (data) find our archetype (Higher Self) and live to the fullest potential and HIGHEST FUNCTION!

The Process of activation DNA rewriting!

This process begins once the realization sets into the consciousness of an individual that they are lost, and seeking direction as to their lives, state of well-being, and spirituality. the desire for more awareness, control, and spiritual connection arises. This is when rewriting your DNA is inevitable! You have already decided to shift, then is the process.


DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the organic, biological, mathematical code (bianary) embedded in a protein and sugar molecule, and in our cells. In order to innerstand the CODES we carry, is to inner stand thier characteristics. There are bands of DNA codes with (stop) and (start) markers , like a HTML code to hinder and prompt cell function. There are suppressors which balance out and form THE ORGANISM in it’s PROPER FORM! There are codes that represent everything about an entity and their physical, mental, even spiritual capabilities. These codes CAN BE MANIPULATED and have been by the science industry for decades. But IN ANCIENT TIMES by our Ancestors who left clues and part of THEMSELVES on the nano level. The dormant DNA that we carry is able to reactivate as the pineal gland (third eye). THE 97% of a kind of DNA that IS NOT FUNCTIONING and is know as “junk” is termed by the today’s science community and has a erroneous implication that the disconnected, dormant DNA is useless. However, IT TURNS OUT that the Akashic Halls of cosmic data are right within us! We know that we have 12 STRANDS of DNA to REACTIVATE! With this acsension,
Once we seek and even gain DNA activation, enlightenment, and reconnect with our higher self, the entity takes over and asks for your cooperation to help her thrive and self-actualize.

A full revitalization of the bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, astral) and chakra system takes place and even full brain function. I’m not selling you a pipe dream, THIS IS REAL and I’m not even selling you anything. Im ready for us to wake up!📣

As the process continues , so are changes in the following aspects of self…

Alter Diet

The entity will crave live foods, and foods that feed the alkilinity of the body. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and juices are like steak and lobster for her. Also, the desire for certain foods wanes (usually junk foods). This is because the makeup for the body IS ALSO SHIFTING! The thirst for clean water grows. It is not strange for a person going thru this transition to talk to plants and even feel their feelings. The hunger for meat dissapates.

Remove Situational Blocks

This construct of life seems to be marred with problematic output and no relief in sight. It seems that society thrives on conflict and injustice. With these stark enegetic battles taking place on a karmic level, your entity needs peace. It is not uncommon if there is a desire to spend time away from family and friends. This is part of the process. That includes creating a space where the entity (that is you) is loved and respected. This is probably the most difficult aspect to maintain. Yet, it is NECESSARY!

Remove Fears

Face every fear..run to them. Breathe and deal with the things you need to deal with. The entity (your higher self) WILL APPRECIATE you lifting that low vibrational energy out of your bodies. Make her more comfortable!

Control Emotions

In meditation, CLEAR your mind of these fears and emotional blocks. Be HONEST with yourself and feel for feelings of doubt, fear, and shame, AND REMOVE those energies from your body. This can be done with many different methods: Tantra, Meditation, pranic breathing, and even some solitude can help detox the mind and bodies. Yet, this is in concert with a clean diet, a WAY OF LIVING that does not harm people, animals, or plants. This causes the vibration of love to filter throuout the body more powerfully. Imagine an engine, being filled with a dirty oil or even something totally foreign and useless to it’s mechanics? It would certainly break down much quicker if ever working at all. To reach the potential for dna activation and rewriting, one has to provide for the right environment for the body to take in what is needed, If not, it will most certainly break down as well. As consciousness expands on this dimension of physical reality, our bodies and minds heal and the process for Ascension can continue…

Write your code

DNA is a microscopic, organic matter that is beyond comprehension. So WHAT DO I MEAN REWRITE IT???
Simple, the physical material is affected by what you do with your body, what you think, and how you navigate this system. It’s within us! We’ve always had access to it, same as I have access to the content on my smart phone. Rewriting entails documenting your archetype and spiritual code. You CAN DO THIS by exercising the will, discipline, even fasting, and DOING as you know, TO YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL!
This is even a more popular belief that sound changes DNA as well…based on the type of frequency. 320 htz and higher has been proven to show positive changes for the listener. This is because, like the organic drum, your DNA is organic and vibrates. With the vibration causes activation. Here are a few references for these sound healing: https://www.tokenrock.com/sound_healing/sounds_of_the_ancients/
Recieve and engage the information within. Imprint your consciousness with this new light! Literally, light will feel different, sunlight , more pleasurable to recieve. You will find you are God/Goddess here!

You do not have to settle for anything less than a full experience in life that empowers and elevates and why not in every dimension possible. We can begin to access the cosmic source of power and DIVINITY!

Well activate Diety!😉

Pt. 2: Finding your archetype.

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