“DNA activation, your spiritual code, and HOW to follow it!(pt.2)” By Nijeta Ankh

Peace and light family.
I bet you thought I wouldn’t be back with part (2)! Ah!
I bet you thought I would cower from the subject of such significance to our very existence! But why would you think that? You must not know me…and don’t worry( smile) I don’t bet.

In this post, I will take us further into this journey through our spiritual innerworkings which are recognized as our central nervous system, our pineal gland and all of the other aspects of our makeup that proves Divine design, Divine purpose, and a nessesary journey for ALL taking steps to connect with their higher selves. This journey to activation and recall is what I want to share with you.

The Kundulini…breath…and karmic energy.

The Kundalini is a energy convergence that takes place along your spinal cord and is actually your electrical power source (battery). It reminds me of the movie “The Matrix” which has a scene with rows and rows of humans as batteries/ Biological energy sources. This is because we ALL CARRY electrical frequency…(soul) that manifests as different levels or frequencies of energies. You may be asking” what does this have to do with finding ones archytype??!”. Well it is everything in those regards as the SOUL of the returning entity is a power source , also connected with the central, supreme, and cosmic source of the Universe. Kemetic spirituality says our soul has two/three possible parts.

Those are : The Ba, The Ka, and the Akh. The Ba and Ka are soul energies interfaced together with different frequencies. The Akh, actually representing the “Maat Kheru” or divine spirit as the entity, tuest, and hiding beneath the others. In other words, one may be and unaware that they are Maat Kheru. One of the main aspects of Maat Kheru is supremacy, and supreme authority to judge. Maat Kheru is a soul that has also been judged by the feather of Maat and found “Justified” and also “sanctified”
Your role (if in fact returning) is to awaken as deeply and profoundly as possible to your inner God/ Goddess!

Go to the Light!

We are LIGHT beings with different frequencies (I repeat) and we actually transmit it as well as diffuse light. We reflect light and feed off of light. Same within the workings of the body. One MUST breathe the life into her bodies and chakras to re ACTIVATE that system. This UNLOCKS the dna!
My favorite tools for activation are pranic breathe meditation and a vegan diet. This creates a alkaline environment within the body which is healthy but NECESSARY for cosmic connection and for the entity to experience. Back to the light: we are/ carry biophotons which release illumination FROM THE DNA so its almost like a secret “nightlight” to make the dna “scrolls” illuminate! We cannot dismiss that once enlightened, the removal of false mental construct will make for a morw receptive soul to the karmic changes. This is what causes the dissasociative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Removing false constructs

Quit your job!
End that relationship!
Stop allowing what you don’t want!
Stop defiling the GOD/Goddess in you!
I know this sounds crazy however, yet, it is the sanest thing you will read today, garanteed!
Honor your/self!

Yes I split the word (your/self) to emphasize that we are in fact either caring or not caring for your inner self which is actually an entirely separate entity (within). Therefore, you honor self and make a code based on that honor.
These things you may find yourself doing as the “scales”lift from your eyes. You will reach a peak of INNER PROSPERITY that does not necessarily manifest as fiat dollars. Non the less, powerful manifestations of the activation of ancient codes within us (dna). Dna is literally a book inside of us. What we dont realise IS HOW MANY BILLIONS, MAYBE EVEN TRILLIONS OF YEARS WORTH OF LIVES ARE LOCKED AND HIDDEN (THE INFORMATION THERE OF) WITHIN US! WE CAN access and process this information once activated. Like unlocking a treasure chest waiting and actually present for you to withdraw from, the light- to bask in. The occurance of finding one’s “archetype” or life code is determined by the process of your activation, the assistance of one’s ancestors, and the atmosphere (energetically) in which the entity is placed. This can all be proven.

Turn to your kind

The finding of ones archytype is a alarming but necessary event in order to assimilate fully to the exercise that is LIFE and to glean what is needed to move forward to the next plane. This plane being just as necessary as the next. The idea of archytype is said to be a concept for European Dr.(Carl Jung) However, this is not the origin of the concept. The concept begins within the PANTHEON of Gods and Goddesses of indigenous culture (Afrikan) being the origin. For it is within these pantheons that we find attributes, behaviors, gifts, and supernatural abilities. These are the Orisha (Neteru) Gods and show up in nearly every indigenous (original) culture. There, one can find (through scientific and spiritual means) those entities and their purposes. This is also how one finds their higher self.

To find one’s self and “kind” is rewarding in itself. This is the journey.

I could expound more but I would rather hear of your experiences in waking to your higher self.

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Peace and Light!

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