“Galactic Change and the Coming Calamity” by Nijeta Ankh (Full blog Sunday)

Zamaltat! Hotep!
Peace and light!

How are you??! No! ….HOW ARE YOU REALLY???

I ask this because as I have traversed my personal sandstorms, tsunamis, and sinkholes, I actually see this is all nessesary. And we “woke” folks try to accept this.
However… acceptance is becoming far off like ….like a blazing wildfire! We can’t all agree on why the planet is in such a VIOLENT season of change. We can’t agree on how to stop it either….or if we want to.

I know…we don’t want to reveal every secret. But WHAT TIME IS IT?

Some believe we are in the throes of a Harmonic Galactic Alignment. Some think we are being visited by extra-terrestrial brethren.

Either way..

We are in for a DOOZY of doozies!

By the way, I am also accepting that I love my husband that I have separated from for the past two years…..I accept that my personal fire tornado of destruction actually just burned some dross off…

I’m feeling golden!

But can’t celebrate yet amidst all of the calamity, suffering, and hardship.

So I will share my full thought process on the Galactic Change and the present state of calamity!

Join me…this Sunday..no delays!

Peace, Love, and LIGHT!✨

Image: Strange cloud(taken with my camera phone)Oct 2018

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