“The search for my first Malachite stone, and why it matters” by Nijeta Ankh

Peace & Light!
I got it!! My first piece of MALACHITE!!
And…I never even heard of it until about a year ago!!😅

Isn’t life funny!? What is not in your realm of knowledge one day, can be such vital information the next, progressing, and becoming motivating factors in major life decisions!

Crystal Power

For the sheer gorgeousness and unique esthetic qualities, one could just blog on it’s fashionable applications. It shines and attracts with a depth of richness that opens you up to know more about Malachite. In fine jewelry, it gives any setting a regal vibe with breathtaking color!

However, for us in the loop, we know these are more than rocks. Therefore, we cant function without the proper crystal healing applications. Even if just carrying any healing/balancing stone . It has become fundemental. Ancestrally, we have always had this need!

The Bluish Green Stone of Transformation
So lemme give the 411 on this jewel! Malachite is a stunning mineral found mainly in parts of North Africa,Russia, and the U.S.
And deposits are found right here in my home state of Arizona!

It actually is formed under water. Surprisingly,my 9 year old daughter first noticed when she touched it asking “is it made in water”? I didn’t know that it was until I searched further for information on it’s makeup! I can see Atlanteans making use of it, no question! Primarily , it is a copper mineral. Because of it’s high copper content, it is A SUPERCONDUCTOR for powerful energies! It has a deceptively dull appearance before processing (tumbling)and forms as it grows in bulbous masses of soft mineral. Striations and color gradient gives amazing visual dimensions to malachite stones of any size.

The mineral is said to have been mined over 4000 years ago in Ancient Kemet, and was used in healing, meditation , ritual magic, art motifs and cosmetics. The illustrious bluish green was used for eye shadow (which when worn with it’s companion cosmetic (lapis) gave a peacock look to the eyes (my favorite color palette ever)! And that’s just it’s physical properties. It was used earliest in the Temple of the Goddess Hathor and to signify her and Wadjet (whom the Eye of Ra actually depicts) the color is intense and otherworldly.

Although I was not able to locate a breakdown for this beautiful sculpture garden for world-renowned shaman, healer, and Zulu spiritualist, https://www.gauteng.net/attractions/credo_mutwa_cultural_village IT HAS THE APPEARANCE OF MALACHITE as well as the stones within his elaborate necklaces.If anyone has references in regards to this or can confirm this, feel free to share in the comments section or email me directly!

Properties and Benefits

As for the metaphysical properties, we reap rewards as THIS IS WHERE THE POWER LIES! Woke ones, mineral specialists, and healers agree that THIS STONE IS NEEDED FOR ALL LIGHT WORKERS who cleanse an activate dna and their chakras, AND THE CHAKRAS OF OTHERS! This is because of it’s supreme conductivity and how our energetic pathways work! I explained this in a earlier blog “Sacred yoni portal” and how it is by pathways (lay lines) that the kundulini energy (cosmic inner power) of hueman beings travels and connects energy centers (pathways). Malachite is used for balancing, unlocking, and managing the heart chakra but aligning and balacing the energies of all chakras!

In essence, Malachite is like a Mac Truck delivering electric impulse and data to ALL of the chakras! Because of this, I have been warned to not wear it everyday but on days as needed for spiritual clarity, energy, and interdimensional protection!

Studies on Copper and melanin suggest this chemical relationship https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20734991/

As this heavily circulated, clandestine post suggests, Copper is a part of MELANIN!
“Beyond carbon, there are two other elements that are important to the structure of melanin: copper and sulfur. Copper is incorporated into the melanin molecule through the amino acid tyrosine. … Cysteine is an amino compound that is organized around sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon.”

This explains the power this mineral has within us!

I HAVEN’T WORN IT on a all-day basis yet as my current personal grid includes amethyst, lapis, and carnilian. There can be overuse and conflicting energies with crystals. This is where trial and error will help your frequency settle this.

Feel the Heat!

Upon touching malachite for the first time, under sunlight, I felt heat and a “heating up” sensation of the stone. It was almost too hot to continue to hold. Being in the Valley of the Sun, There is plenty of sunlight for Malachite to process. I AM IN A GOOD PLACE TO BE, NOW THAT WE INNERSTAND IT’S SOLAR PRIORITIES!

Blocking in the treasure chest

Lastly…THE POLITICS BEHIND FINDING MINERALS are such that one can be DISCOURAGED TO PURCHASE by ill-meaning individuals or entities. Study your local market! Below is a post of my experience with a vendor at a local farmers market.
Warning: Some language may be offensive.


Scathing review of this mystery vendor indeed! And i’m not convicting all “pink” (Privileged *Intentionally*Negating*and *Knowing)people but this was obvious racism. How did she know what I could afford? Why would she have a large strand of synthetic Malachite while her booth boasts with signage of NATURAL STONES she WAS CLEARLY SELLING?? And why was she afraid to sell to me?

Ok..cant waste too much brain power on that.🚫 And I didn’t go to where she referred me to, either.👎

Patronizing another crystal dealer in the city, I purchased directly from the store , without incident. They also have a good reputation for wanting to keep their reputation and only selling genuine stones. Although, I suggest you use whatever clues to make sure you arent buying a fake.

Moral: don’t buy from energy blockers!!

Feeling the difference

In this short time I AM EXPERIENCING CLARITY and a ENERGY BOOST that almosts puts me in a full spin! I can multi-task(faster) and THINK ON TO THE NEXT MOVE! THIS IS FANTASTIC FOR ME because I’ve had concentration and memory problems in the past.
I also find it’s one of those “friend”stones that NEVER LET YOU GO! These will bring awareness so deep, you will find them if they slide between the cushions on the couch! Don’t you wish your remote did that??

A chakra-aligning stone, be ready to have your curcuit boards (dna) affected, possibly ACTIVATED on an even higher level. This stone is also one of TRANSFORMATION! So be ready to CHANGE and EVOLVE!

Everyone’s journey with crystals is unique and spiritually demanding. We all can share more on the experiences. Feel free to do so in the comment section.

Peace & Light!



Pictured: This is the actual stone I purchased. Oce 2019. Oval 14x7mm


Revered Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa wearing one of his necklace of mysteries which appears to have large malachite stones.

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