#Etherdress ✴ by Nijeta Ankh culminates her 1st Goddesque™ line!

New times bring new energy! We are thankhful today for all of our endurance and strength and protection to make it to this hour! This is my offering!


By Nijeta Ankh 🙋🏾 for Goddesque Co.
For further inquiry, e-mail, Goddessnijeta@mail.com📧


Genuine Leather “bodybelt” GENUINE lapis/handpainted ankh/suade dreamcatcher ornament.
by Nijeta Ankh for Goddesque co. 2019 Ether Line(out of the ETHER)!

((Sorry…this cannot be duplicated/// one of a kind)) catch my blog this weekend “DREAMCATCHER, THE ART OF DIRECTING YOUR DREAMS” This sunday!!🚩53111145_2654272347921652_2352057471498977280_n

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