“Prophesy of the Purple Dreamcatcher” Nijeta Ankh

Peace, Light, Hotep!

The season is rising in frequency as we are coming to pass in nearly every prophesy. One I would like to cover here is the prophesy of the Purple Dreamcatcher. Being that we are still captive in the matrix, all prophesy is still unfolding. We can and will look in time at this fractal vision for the aftermath to destructive forces having their say. The prophesy of the blue kachina also helps one innerstand what is happening today. I am also interfacing that with my prophesy of the purple dreamcatcher.

This is because I experienced something without explanation but with astounding truth and wisdom for us!

Yes, I am calling this my own prophesy based on this experience and what it spoke to me.The following events took place this past week. (Feb 20-26/2019).

I was finishing my last look for my clothing line Goddessque™ and it was getting to that last lap around the track, fever! Everything was coming together however, I still had the body belt to decorate. Mind you, it was simple and showed what I love, using sacred geometry as a muse, I wanted the right elements along with the other accents. I wanted it to reflect meaning, but the art of my body in half(visually) the body belt shows culture and keeps it all together. Well I was searching for beads and things. It looked like I could do something along the lines of what I designed in my head. But something made me think of a dreamcatcher. So I thought I would try to make one…not knowing that it wouldn’t be necessary.

So I continued to work on the gown. A sheer soft and hard mix of chiffon,leather, sojourner truths meets Grace Jones. The Etherdress was a dozy! Ah, but such a learning experience as to who and what is really running things.

The next night, I’m working on the piece and I see something on the counter in the bathroom. I go to see what it was as it was colorful. I get closer and see it was the same color as the dress I was working on, my last goddessque offering for the year…

To my amazement, it was a small dreamcatcher!

I felt my knees buckle. I sat down. Then, I felt that feeling the us starpeople feel often, that we weren’t alone. I called to my 9 year old daughter to ask her where did it come from, she said she found it in the cabinet (we had recently moved) we didnt have visitors. There was no way anyone would have known what I was working on and to come give this to me.

I proceeded to finish my offering in comfort that divine order was present.

Here is info on Dreamcatchers and the cultural use most recently by native indigenous people:


This event made me look deeper into the meaning and use of such, dreamcatchers. Not just an ornament or piece of art, dreamcatchers are a pretty equivalent to a nailman of traditional west African voodoo. These were small statues embellished with nails to ward off evil spirits.

The same use is for the Dreamcatcher, however, is dealing with the astral body and DREAMS. Dreamcatchers were designed to repell evil from dreams of the user of such. Not only that, the wheel then releases GOOD DREAMS to the protected person. These are energies that come out of the web “portal” sliding DOWN the feathers to the protected person.

Can you be your OWN Dreamcatcher?

Can we attune ourselves to protect our dreams (visions) while making magic happen?

As a wombman of African decent, indigenous ancestry and bringer of life to this realm, we decree the following!

THIS is the prophesy.(repeat to yourself)That, THIS DAY, as I protect my dreams with the powers I have, I am the source for Magic in my life! My DREAMS are protected and will not be interceded upon. I am in control of this portal!
The sign of the purple dreamcatcher lifts my thoughts to the crown chakra. Rotating from crown to root, sourcing from within. We are not alone!

A’se..on this day!💜

The legend states a spider made a web, however, this may be allegorical as the design shows a portal or vortex. This would mean it depicts something that takes place in your chakra. The purple or “crown ” chakra is based on your crown or third eye. It is your portal to other dimensions. It is your link to the paranormal. The vortex, producing the energy and frequency to help the being reach higher vibrational function and resonance = magic.

The prophecy is also that paranormal happenings will greatly affect the turn of events in regards to world affairs. A spirit of subjective peace and thought comes. Yes…before WWIII!

This we will into existence!


Thankhs for reading. 🖤
If you are experiencing super~natural events and need to share, email me at : Goddessnijeta@mail.com 📧

20190305_212836 How does anyone explain this to me? I was watching YouTube to figure out how to make one, the night before taking this picture. 💯


Bodybelt by Nijeta Ankh
Goddesque™ 2019


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