“Fantastic happenings of this Supermoon,New Year 2019, and the Coming of the Neteru!” By Nijeta Ankh

Peace, Light,Love!

This phase we have entered during the pole
Shift is the year of the red cosmic Moon wavespell. Wavespells are cycles that are governed over (energetically) by the energy of the solar sign. This is based in Natural Time and science left to is by the Olmec (13 moon calender) our African ancestors. In this case of this wavespell, Red (kin) family, East direction, Cosmic resonance (My tone) and Sign (Moon).

This is validated by the numerous supermoons and two moons this dispensation (past twelve months).
We are clearly having a relationship with this celestial body.
What one can do is simply sit and write down how they are feeling and how that corresponds with the cycle.
We are finding a terrific shedding away of old karmic energies of abuse, manipulation, exploitation, rape, incest, abandonment, the robbing of ones resources, health, and energy,we are freed of generational (DNA activated) curses! This is releasing us, one by one from the soul-ties of low vibration (placed upon us) to stop us, deliberately (that is another blog post) yet, all is being manifested today.

I, myself, am embarking on things that before, held a great deal of pain and anguish, sacrifice for me. These are things I could NOT find freedom from for decades. You can and WILL encounter the same. Do NOT take this time for granted!

The moon affects us so powerfully, however, the 28 day cycles ARE NOT SOLELY the moon phases but also solar and planetary, we cant say this energy does govern the cosmos (28 day cycle) as well as the reproductive cycle of the woman.

We are also entering the Spring Equinox! Everything is calling on Man and Wombman to PLANT and GROW!

RED MEANING THE RED FAMILY which corresponds to the other 3 (kin) White, Blue(black), and yellow. See the correlation. The race war you think will come, will never come! We were put in a wheel adjacent with one another.
Fighting races wont solve our systemic, spiritual, and emotional problems and attachments as much as a going within and simply turning the light on!

The Propaganda is EVERYWHERE
Convoluted stories made just for you and your temperament. Social programming isn’t letting up. We are finding we have to logoff sooner to gain our own sense of reality…which is rapidly changing.
We do know we are up against a mechanization of political, world power OF WHICH IT’S MADE MEN DO NOT WANT TO SEE US AWAKEN. They, however, are not in command of this process.

For more on Natural Time (as utilized and recognized by our amcestors) go to the following site as they are currently providing this ancient information at this site:https://lawoftime.org

Peace & Light!


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