Accessing power in the underworld by Nijeta Ankh ☥ (preview)

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Perhaps it is only your imagination that you are even reading this (giggles).

What do we really know?

Well we know we are in a chaotic, mostly hostile environment of artificial intelligence, man-made percpetions and theoretical thought systems (causing proven harm) all interfaced with this serene backdrop of organic nature. We look up to see incredible views of sky and cosmos. We are actually in reality (physically) encompassed by it. Some say that is duality yet this is much too simplistic of an explanation and leads one reflecting to seek, deeper. This is a characteristic of the earth student (hueman). Yet, within these parameters (no matter how tremendously broad) there is a system in place of dimensions, pathways, gates, and doors.

We are we in that model?

What are we actually experiencing? Especially right now in present time.

The Sun is a base, a star base of power that has engaged , perfectly (with care) all of the stars in it’s orbit. Yet we know that Tehuti states that we are stars in bodies, wrapped in hueman (melenated people) form. This is in the genetic coding (your base, and also your coordinates). We can find in his writings that he calls to the reader to DRAW TO the POWER of the Sun! This is throughout both Egyptian Book of the Dead “The Pert-em-Heru ” or (Coming thru night(Tuat/underworld)to Heru)AND The Emerald Tablets of Tehuti (Thoth).

In this blog, I want to share some facts on what ancestral information lies for us to see clearly (not marred in alllegory) and what lies at our feet(and above our heads) to access.

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