“Accessing power in the underworld by ” Nijeta Ankh ☥ (Anticipated Full Blog)!

Peace and Light!

Sending praise to those of you who are honoring yourselves, fighting for your cosmic rights, and/or just living and appreciating this tremendous creation!

You are of the blessed, the superior ones!

I first want to apologize for not getting this to you sooner ( as promised) for just as I decided to drop this ,the Exalted assembly decided different. I have have finally found some solace.

I say this because, I had been on the run for many months now. I cannot live as most since the information, my profile, and who I know are a huge risk for me. If you don’t innerstand because TMZ doesnt talk about it, please do some research on gangstalking, Cointelpro, and Targeting techniques to silence people. I agreed to an interview with the Blogtalk show- TooRaw for TV, to get this out in the open. It has been going on for too long and has culminated to my online presence being severely affected , accounts (facebook/instagram) hidden by algorithms, censorship techniques, and now blocked altogether from me loggin on. Check out the show if you missed it!

Back to our metaphysical pond….let’s wade!

Access of Cosmic, life-altering Power in the Underworld (something I thought up while accessing…) I will explain why I say (underworld/Tuat).

Ask for it!

Ok…now that we have that part (lol) lets move on!

Who/what do you ask for? Why? How?

One of the spiritual texts that I ascribe to is referred to as the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth(Tehuti)”. This is an incredible, super-secret, ancient work which is etched in an alien (unknown to “science”) emerald stone not comparable to emerald we wear and dated at over 50,000 years old. It is of Kemetic/Atlantean origin, and written by the Kemetic God, Tehuti (renamed by Greek as Thoth/Hermes).

This is the kind of stuff that gets people in trouble. I am actually not supposed to share this with you. However, I can’t figure out who said so…so…

It is Kemetic information. It is OUR ANCIENT INFORMATION!

Now, lets say it is a massive hoax (that has been studied by the worlds leaders, scientists, and elite) then….why is it studied by the elite (had to repeat that)??

Tehuti is an important figure who brings in depth wisdom, secret knowledge, and incredible world history (also hidden). He scribes as a God of the Tuat(underworld) to decide if a person will ascend or descend after death. It is him and the Goddess Ma’at who weigh the hearts of the “dead” . I suggest we (melenated people) start studying it as teenagers, at least!


Let’s speak in terms of logic and go from there (follow me). Just like the Ironman suit, we actually need power right in that center module (HEART CHAKRA) but that is just an access point to power the rest of you. The Heart Chakra is (like the Sun) a central point of power and is also a filter that funnels blood and energy to ALL PARTS of the body! If we are experiencing something in our waking life that we want removed, altered, or if we simply wish to feel more empowered, POWER THE HEART CHAKRA!!


Here are few ancient exercises that show comprehensive, simple tools to use to build a stronger cosmic connection.

Pranic breathing/meditation

Making an effort to BREATHE and balance the mind is a sacrifice. However, it is WORTH IT! It is with these ancient, proven practices can we access power (clear blockages).

A simple malachite stone (laid on the heart chakra) or worn as a pendant is recommended. The clearing of this chakra will BUILD ENERGY which HAS TO MANIFEST on EVERY LEVEL (Check out my post on Living Fearlessly).

Protect your energy field

“When unto thee comes a feeling,
drawing thee nearer to the darker gate,
examine thine heart and find if the feeling
thou hast has come from within.
If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts,
banish them forth from the place in thy mind.

Send through thy body a wave of vibration,
irregular first and regular second,
repeating time after time until free.
Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.

But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened,
be sure that a force is directed to thee.
Only by knowing can thou overcome it.
Only be wisdom can thou hope to be free.
Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power.
Attain and ye shall have power o’er all.”- Emerald Tablets of Tehuti (Thoth)” https://www.crystalinks.com/emerald6bw.html

This, Tehuti beautifully states our power in active movement of the mind thereby protecting the entire energy field of the earth student.

Let’s go over a POWER ACCESSING meditation.

It goes back to the HEART CHAKRA!


With that in mind, that tremendous emotionally charged energy is not something to fear but USE in accordance with the HIGHER SELF!

Check out a decent synopsis and meditation exercise here (remember to grab your malachite stone)! https://www.learnreligions.com/open-your-heart-chakra-1729414


I LOVE SUN GAZING! It is becoming to be a secret special gift that I give to myself. I now honor every warm moment (even in Arizona scorchers)! This is because as a Melanated being, the molecule itself feeds of off the gamma rays, working like a generator! This IS ENERGY MEASURED ON A SPECTRUM that runs electromagnetic spectrum that is exactly what sunlight is. The melanin molecule is also an “organizing molecule” enforcing biological processes. Perhaps THIS is why indigenous people have always paid homage to the sacred but metaphysical aspects as well. We are truly SUN-POWERED beings!

This subject matter deserves more to share so I will continue with a pt.2.

With humility and love…

Peace, Love, and Light!



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