Dark energy, dark matter, dark spirits and what’s the difference?” by Nijeta Ankh☥

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Yes! I change my greeting often!

Why? Because energy changes and so does frequency and as it changes, so does any channel to adjust!

I’m SERIOUS!🤣 YOU have NEVER changed a greeting or message due to YOUR energy and frequency? Well YOU WILL if you continue reading…

I want to cover this topic due to some serious AND COMMON mistakes, errors, and manipulations when it comes to our collective innerstanding of DARK SPIRITS, Dark energy, and the very mysterious “Dark Matter”. In this post, I will bring some facts TO LIGHT!


OK WE WILL START RIGHT HERE BY ME PULLING THESE CAPS DOWN 🤣and stating EMPHATICALLY that we DO NOT accept the concepts given by social programming, dominate eurocentric society, and their very ample media, that “black” is everything bad and white (color, person, or cake) is everything good. We just don’t buy it and from the last century of Jim Crow and “Civil Rights” movements, to have black “melanated” people of original African decent finally being recognized as humans by the power structure dominated us, using the established systemic plots and long-term modus operandi. we don’t have space in our brains to hold on to such false ideas of black inferiority and such undercurrents upheld by eurocentric definitions. I have to make this clear as the inferences have been made.

Dark Energy, Dark Matter and going into the Unknown!

Here is a explanation from western science for dark energy & dark matter:

“A hypothetical form of energy that exerts a negative, repulsive pressure, behaving like the opposite of gravity”-http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/cosmos/D/Dark+Energy

Dark mat·ter


  1. (in some cosmological theories) nonluminous material that is postulated to exist in space and that could take any of several forms including weakly interacting particles ( cold dark matter ) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang ( hot dark matter ).

With knowledge of the melanin molecule coming to light, the nature of the molecule itself and it’s parallel but microcosm of universe (black holes) our bodies are also imbued with the same, dark energy and matter.  shows the same properties, based on academia. We as melanated beings as learning that various forms of meditation and the power of sunlight (uve charged energy source) this is the energy powering this factory called universe. Don’t you like how I put that? (Smile) well yes, this is the energy we want to tap into. To go into oneself and into the mind, one can connect with this energy.

This sounds complicated but we can look at the ancients to make it simple. Im ancient Kemet, the first Mystery school you would enter as a student of the metaphysical is the School of Isis or Auset. In this study, one ponders on the universe and nothingness. In this concentration, one would find matter and energy present. This in turn would bring one’s awareness to the next mystery, the School of Asar or “Osirus”. This would lead ones awareness to that of ENERGY and power. This focus of concentration or meditation was to align ones conscious ness to physical realities. Dark energy is called “dark” for it’s lack of light. This is actually because its registering on a wavelength we cannot see with the eyes. Dark energy is however, always present and expanding.

In Ancient Kemet this Primordial universe was personified as the Goddess Nut and was also referred to as the primordial Nun that birthed Aten, Atum, and Amun. To stay on the topic of the 0 (of the binary language of 0/1( womb)Yoni or universal Goddess is also Dark Matter. It is always expanding. This is abyss that manifests all that we see. Dark energy is the invisible energy permeating the cosmos. It is electrical im nature and is always expanding. It is interfacing dark matter.
Cosmos: Feminine(Nut)
Dark Energy: Masculine(Asar)
Dark Matter: Femimine(Auset)

“Dark” energy is constantly interfacing with gravity. This engagement is causing universal expansion, based on Western Science. It has a chaotic nature and IS electromagnetism on a universal scale. In the ancient mystery schools of Kemet, you would then move on to the School of Heru or electromagnetism. Therefore, what is being relayed in our creation stories may be the answers science is looking for.

Cosmos: Feminine(Nut)
Dark Energy: Masculine(Asar)
Dark Matter: Femimine(Auset)
Electromagnetism: Child(Heru)

Dark Spirits and Low Vibrational Beings

A dark spirit is a powerful entity which is a negatively charged individual. This is manifested physically but on all levels of energy output for that being. The dark entity is unbalanced in it’s negative charge and because of that, desires to activate fear (negative energy)in others to feed from(absorb).We can look at our ancient ancestors of Kemet and see THEY DID HAVE ENTITIES THEY REGARDED AS EVIL. Mostly BECAUSE THEY KILLED OTHERS! They were disagreeable. Such as are APEP, AND SET. I have found (based on Kemetic accounts) that THE SOCIETY THEY WERE OF WAS NOT BALANCED AND PEACEFUL , BECAUSE of their PRESENCE. This is because THEY THEMSELVES were evil!

(Apep) https://ancientegyptonline.co.uk/apep/
“Apep would hypnotise the sun god and all of his followers, except Set who would would repel the serpent by piercing his side with a great spear. In some texts, Apep would trap the boat of Ra in his massive coils (referred to as sandbanks) or cause the waters of the underworld to flood to overwhelm him. In other texts Apep was equated with Set (who was after all a god of chaos) and an army of major and minor gods and goddesses (including Isis, Neith, Serqet (Selket), Geb, Aker and the followers of Horus and other unnamed gods in the form of monkeys) would defend him. The dead themselves (sometimes in the form of the god Shu) could also fight Apep to help maintain Ma´at (order). ”

Therefore, we can look at the actions of a person, being, animal, and yes- spirit to see this. But that would be too easy. Therefore, the dark spirit (entity) must hide it’s negative nature and actions. Therefore, how can we know there is a Dark Spirit present?

Frequency & Vibration

The answer is the frequency & vibration behind the intent of spent energy (action). And if the action causes low or high vibrational output. Electricity goes through our bodies in waves and show up in an energy field around the body called by the western scientific community, schumann resonance. This resonance is generated for us as biological entities from the heart chakra (heart energy field) and thymus gland. The energy field is measured and yields brainwaves showing as (delta, theta). A person’s emotional energetic output is regulated here. The thymus gland is also the controller of your immune system and DEFENDS your body but on more than just a physical level. It’s cells called(tcells) light with biophotons (actual light cells in the body).


The gland and chakra system pulsating energy and substances to regulate these energies WITHIN AND AROUND US. The Thymus gland also tells you when a predator is near, when something should be avoided, and permits a defense of the avatar. The energy field can also be protected, if awareness in inherent in that being. A person who is not low vibrational (is living in their truth, and balance) has a generally high frequency. They do not live in fear and are successful with what they do. This comes with the raising of ones conscious awareness. However, the low vibrational person lives in a state of fear. They have a low resonnance and may even act to harm others, by bringing their energy resonnance down as well (but not always).

Fear is negatively charged but powerful energy that hinders kundulini from rising up to the Pineal Gland by crowding the root and solar plexis chakra. But fear (and it’s interpersonal cousin) anxiety also vexes humanity as a stronghold in the mind.

This is why our ancestors scribed a number of precepts or “Ideals” also called the “42 Ideals of Maat”.

Maat was the goddess with a feather atop her head to signify rising in energy and becoming so free of fear, guilt, anxiety, and other energetic malady to ASCEND after death. This is why she is the Goddess of Justice and Balance. Because such was deemed necessary (by these wise people) to acquire a high vibrational society. This was their goal.

Let’s look at the 42 laws (Ideals) of Maat


These “Ideals” they believe produced high vibrational, balanced and highly functional people.

The Heart and Soul

I have to go back to the Iron Man analogy: He had one quantum battery pack in his chest, heart. Without it, he can’t move. Same with huemans. However, as I alluded to earlier, the quality of the soul differs. Our ancestors knew the soul lies within the cellular memory of the cells. Not only that, the heart has been found to KEEP A RECORD of the beings experiences (memory) even AFTER HEART TRANSPLANT! The ba/ka/ ahk are the 3 different vibrations of a soul. These ACT LIKE A LEGISLATIVE BRANCH TO AN EXECUTIVE BRANCH of government and PROVIDES A CHECK A BALANCE SYSTEM to avoid BEING A SAVAGE (POP CULTURE ALERT) Yes, if you really want to be a savage, this is the wrong article for you💯. Back to the bah, kah, and ahk. Since differing frequencies (vibrations) are to work IN SUPPORT of one another. However, IN A DARK ENTITY, THIS IS NOT BALANCED. Therefore, the entity will perform actions that are unlike a person with balance, good nature, and good will to his/her fellow man/wombman. If a being (human or otherwise) has ILL INTENT to his OWN PEOPLE, HE/SHE IS A DARK SPIRIT/ENTITY.

And they usually know this.

That’s why these are not wanting anyone to know who they are.

Soul energy

Soul energy is generated in your HEART CHAKRA and vibrates at certain FREQUENCIES. Now to innerstand the frequency of a person is LIKE MUSIC. YOU EVER HEARD A AWFUL SONG THAT JUST COULD NOT RESONATE WITH YOU? Well it didn’t agree with your frequency (vibration). Once I realised this as a singer, it’s ok if I don’t resonate with someone. I also made a deaf woman hear once in choir rehearsal lol…so it resonates with someone. Same with soul energy. Some people, no matter what they do, can’t move or motivate others. They can’t seem to get in motion with others. They even come out to events and stand on the wall, not wanting to talk to anyone. This is a person with a low soul frequency. It could be temporary or situational. Either way, it is evident. Another example of soul energy: That first kiss that sets off a relationship. Some say they felt “shockwaves” with that simple first kiss that many times leads to a thriving relationship. This is simply due to the CONNECTION OF THE SOUL ENERGY of those two beings, bringing a high volt enough for those two to actually feel it. And with this in mind, it doesn’t happen often. This was a cataclysmic event of the softest actions imaginable. Imagine that!

Low Vibrational People

I do want to make a distinction as to Low Vibrational beings and Dark Entities. The latter has an agenda. They simply are not happy to live as we do. They need others to feel pain. This encourages the Dark Entity. They DO NOT care about happiness of anyone but themselves. However, since the quality of the soul energy is such, THEY WILL NEVER FIND HAPPINESS! So the witch hidden in her lair with coal black eyes and potions lined up on her spice rack, doesn’t have alot of visitors.

And she probably never will lol.

All things considered, ENERGY WORK is recommended to align oneself with energetic and alive cosmos while finding our connection to the source at the highest value possible. And this you can do for yourself, for free!

Pay attention to your energy and others around you!

Peace & Light!


‘Divine Grace’ by ecoartopia



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