“Auset gown” by Nijeta Ankh

Peace, love, & Light!💜💫

It has been a magical time as we enter this winter solstice. So much so that it is actually beautiful weather today ( mid 80°s) here in the green hills of Decatur, Ga in late December “X-mas day”!

I was inspired to make this gown and show just another example of my range of design but also by the wisdom and love of the Goddess Auset! Still journeying, I am still striving to find what the soul wants to express (on every artistic level). This is the struggle of the artist. However, this flowed EFFORTLESSLY as does the look itself! And with differing looks on each side, a view into duality. I feel it has been a worthy manifestation within this work with textiles, sacred geometry and design! I didn’t want to take it off (smile). As many of our people, I’ve always loved black and have worn black as a staple for a few years now. In truth, I feel much gratitude and pay homage to the ancestral inspiration.



Long fitted gown in 100% polished Ankara cotton Ghanaian import in Blk/wth ~100% cotton jersey

Email me for special orders/Goddesque@mail.com📨

Going forward into your new year, may your season be full of positive, transformative energy!

(𓋹𓍑𓋴 ꜥnḫ wḏꜢ snb)

Peace ~Love~Light!💚💫






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