Feature spotlight: “Indigent artist is a messenger of the ancestral” by Nijeta Ankh

Peace, Love, and LIGHT family!🕯

This is one of my favorite parts of this blog and it’s only the second time I’ve done it: Guest artist spotlight!!

I have asked and offered for artists to feature their work here and some act as if I have a hidden agenda. So I will show what that is: TO FEATURE ARTISTS THAT MOST WILL IGNORE 📯 Is all.

It is with gratitude, that this being of light, made an impact on our consciousness (me and some soul tribe members) Simply by MAKING ART and agreed to let me write this piece on his work!

He goes by “Cree” or “Gods Creation” he appears to be homeless and is one of the most inspiring artists I have seen work spray art in a while. Frequently, he can be seen working on any kind of form of art from spray art to realism. We just received a 2 foot tall “Eye” on cardboard and a crate in all silver paint..well some black and browns. It is one of the prettiest pieces I have seen this year! And IT COULD be considered much less than art. Still “Cree” is always making new, free forming eye catching pieces. Some full scale sculptures. I caught up with him working on what looks like a childs bike extravaganza! Keep in mind…this is stuff indigent people sell to survive. Yet he can be seen lugging TOOLS AND MATERIALS he has found TO MAKE MORE ART!

His energy, very captivating as he tells you about what he is working on.

For a small donation, he says can come up with something very unique for your living room.

However, the fact is that most of us….will probably will never see his work. That’s because he is so poor, his materials are usually from the dumpsters and debris off of the side of the road. His compulsion is purely artistic. He does it, for the love of it, he explains.

When finished with his pieces, he gives it with a small prayer and well wish to every supporter.





His street trademark (Graffiti tag) is the “Eye of Heru” or “Horus” THIS is what captured my attention on neighborhood sidewalks!




He says he is accessible in the highways and byways of Panthersville, Georgia.  Currently, he does not have contact information available.

Thankhs for reading!

Thankhs for supporting independent artists!🖤💯


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