“Narcissism (the hidden psychopath) an obsticle to self-love and actualization” by Nijeta Ankh☥ (full blog)


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This entry is on Narcissism, hidden psychopaths, and obsticals to self-love and actualization.

Ok…on to my blog post on NARCISSISM, let us first define in clinical terms and then show what is symptomatic of this behaviour and also, my own experience with it (even though that isn’t the main reason you visited today, or is it?) Well either way..i’m glad you came.

Narcissism (defined): “Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealised self image and attributes. This includes self-flattery, perfectionism, and arrogance. The term originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.”-WiKi

If you are ever in the grips of one of these, it is like having a anaconda wrapped around you. However(and this is the hardest part) THE ANACONDA IS YOUR OWN WARPED FEELINGS!! See, these types know how to take advantage of your deepest weaknesses, your own hidden hurts, pains, and insecurities. That’s why they court well..listen well…seem sensitive…IT IS ALL TO ENSNARE YOU LATER!!

The attibutes of a narcissist:

Attention seeking!!! Not just Facebook posts or wanting a career, NO! The Narcissist would like that you ignore all of your life plans, your own experience, accomplishment, family, spiritual beliefs, value system, ect, FOR THEM!!! YES, THE NARCISSIST WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE THAT HE/SHE IS OF MORE VALUE THAN ALL OF THESE THINGS. HOWEVER, THEY KNOW THEY CAN’T BE!!


More attibutes: Negative energy field, serious lack of self idenity (that’s why they don’t care about their victims) lack of accomplishment, lack of integrity, and usually have other mental or physical challenges. And are usually sufferers of some form of abuse as children (untreated). They will have trouble ever admitting this, however.

Sexual infidelity is the hallmark because NARCISSISTS need “SUPPLY” and that is usually in the form of a sexual partner (but not always) and can show HOW MANY (supply sources) are needed to feed this insatiable need for inordinate, undeserved attention. The narcissist is in a constate of fear that they will lose a supply source, so another is always perserved in the wings (that’s what all of the inbox messages are about)!!

(Pause and think Goddesses)!!

This abberation is symptomatic of the higher self being in a coma-like state, unable to see that it is operating out of sync with any divine plan of any divine matrix and is simply creating personal catastrophe! THIS, The NARCISSIST innerstands within his/her subconscious so they LIE and ISOLATE victims from the truth. This includes isolating persons to prevent substantiating their madness. They are constantly hiding from the truth!

Imagine that!

Lets look at the kemetic idea of SOUL and how the NARCISSIST soul is composed;


IN the Narcissist, the “Ba” is asleep and unable to awaken on it’s own. This is why they can sit in on the most positive and even spiritual activities without flinching about what he/she has been doing!

BEWARE! Anything interpersonal is a landmine for the the victim when dealing with a narcissist. Anything like bbq’s, weddings, important events that are not centered around the narcissist, anything being taped or recorded, anything having to do with potential multiple supply sources present, is an opportunity to harm it’s victim!

That is because THEY USE A CYCLE OF ABUSE and that is to devalue it’s supply source. It’s a way of saying “I’m so great, I can shit on you”. It is more of neanderthal-like thinking. It is pure basic savagery. This is to make sure that supply source never gains enough fortitude within self TO LEAVE THEM! They think it secures one to them….it’s BIZARRE but real!

Narcissistic Cycle of abuse


Let me come straight out with it: I had a situation with a lover who was consistantly dishonest, was repeadtedly caught in lies and infidelity (which I was not interested in at all, some wombmen are, I AM NOT!). And the bizarre thing I found was that this strange person I had gotten involved with WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE and exhibited all of these other “crazy-making” behavior I have explained. Yet, It didn’t matter what I said, how many months went by, how little he actually did for my energy, life and work, it didnt matter. He stayed in touch! WHY!? Well us wombman think in our hearts (our soul’s mind) that the guy must really love me if he keeps emailing after 3 years. But with the narcissist, that is only SYMPTOMATIC of the disease. This is a mental illness and it is VERY COMMON but EVEN MORE ELUSIVE, unfortunatly. Well I am happy to say HE IS IN MY MEMORY BANK, BUT NEVER AGAIN IN MY BED! I’m working on clearing my memory (smiling..) I had to turn off his words and listen to his actions.

The truth is this: you are divine and could never deserve to be treated in any such way. As a matter of fact, the Narcissist is putting a noose of horrendous karma around their own necks. This is why they usually engage in satanism, occult, or anything they can find to try and justify their mental illness. I think I said enough. Check out images of persons in the so-called conscious community (self -proclaimed “messiah” King Noble , and right-hand man Tevor Ford “Tee Ford”)  have also now earned this frightful diagnosis, via, their PUBLIC EXPLOITS and my personal experience!

If you are in an abusive relationship, seek support immediately!

You deserve the best life that you can imagine!




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