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“The Alliance with the red people “Native Americans” By Nijeta Ankh

Peace, Light, and LOVE!~

Sending high vibes of infinite freedom and love, dear family!

I want to talk to those who refer to themselves as the indigenous family, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and “conscious” ones. There is alot of mis-information that is deliberate, to keep us SEPARATED!

That is by CREED, Nationality, skin color, and other genomic differences.

This WILL NOT BE TOLERATED any longer and will be dealt with , with simple science and history. Therefore, those who want disunity, WILL STICK OUT LIKE THE UGLY “Sore thumbs” that they are!


Of course!!

Finding my own most recent lineage brought me knowledge of the black Choktaw Native Americans. My great- grandmother, a choktaw native, it is meaning more to me everyday. Perhaps her energy calling me.

I could do some research but someone already wrote a great article on the matter. So I will share the link.

Peace, Love, Light, and WISDOM!!!



Image: My great, great grandmother and matriarch to The Winans gospel family by my grandfather, the late Bishop James Feltus of New Orleans. She is said to have been Choktaw by some family members but I haven’t yet found proof. I do see she has the features…and so do Eye.💜💫
Look in your family line.



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