“The Secret, long-time love affair between Crack and the Black Community” (Preview) by Nijeta Ankh ☥

Peace, Love, and Light!~

You know I like to tackle the tough issues. The stuff we don’t want to talk about but continue to ruin our chances for true community.

So in the next post, I am going to deal , and reason, and compare our mentalities on the secret love affair the Black Community has had with this silent and deadly white drug, CRACK COCAINE!!

The secret affair is about to be unearthed, disrobed, spread eagle for the world to see. All with hopes we can get disgusted enough to ban this from our communities as UNCOOL!

But YOU KNOW I like to add some scholarly refereneces. So come back to this site for the full blog, tomorrow.

YUP, Love you TOO!~




To match Feature BRAZIL-CRACK/


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