“The secret, long-time love affair between Crack and the Black Community(pt 2)” by Nijeta Ankh

Peace, love, and light!

Continuing on from the last passage, I felt I needed to continue with a part (2).

This deals more with the peer pressure “crack cults” psychospiritual aspects, and more PROVEN solutions.

Let’s think and reason on what I call “crack cults”: These are groups of users of African decent who have decided it is better to assimilate AS A GROUP in a secret engagement of their life force FOR THE LOVE AND USE OF CRACK COCAINE while either committing crimes, deceitful constructs of religions (secret councils) including rape, sex trafficking, and more!

They will use the Bible, Quran, Metaphysics, New Age materials and even claim to CHANNEL reasons why use is good for them. But keep in mind THEY WON’T LET MOST KNOW who aren’t in the cult.

Unfortunately, many children are BORN to such situations.

Growing up in Phoenix,Arizona, I saw FIRST-HAND some of the best of the community end as STRONG USERS in such cults (thinking in secret) no one would know. However, as time passed, the look of the “walking dead” gave them away, every time.

There are some physical characteristics about long-term users (as well as function and lifestyle) that can’t be ignored. Here are some to take note.

Physical characteristics of long-term use.

  • A dry appearance to the skin like the face of slate rock. This is due to constant dehydration and vitamin deficiency. Lotion does not change this “ash” appearance. Also a hardening of the skin and loss of elasticity. This has much to do with how melanin is affected.
  • Weight loss: Less than normal weight lose which shows IN THE FACE as a “skull like” appearance. This is also due to the loss of cerebrospinal fluid and nutrients with continued use.
  • Glazed eye: The eyes don’t lie and yellow, red, and glossy eyes are also trademarks of long-term abuse of crack cocaine.
  • Daily focus on use: You will notice with users, a daily program of personal use, and fixation (TALKING ABOUT USE). As a user is basically on a daily program TO USE MORE. These people CAN WORK and even function in society. However, they have a daily “program” of continued use.
  • Association for use: This is the most secret part, ASSOCIATION! Users NEED ASSOCIATES who also USE. Therefore, ALL THEY DO OS ACTUALLY FOR THAT PURPOSE. EVEN ROMANTIC PARTNERS are chosen for this main purpose of obtaining and using.

Character flaws: LASTLY, The user becomes without a “word” lies, covers tracks of themselves or anyone in their program of daily use. This is where use gets ugly. Users will steal from their children, rob grandchildren, and sell their own children (literally and figuratively) all for use of the drug. I’ve seen it happen!

Back to the “Crack Cult”, these are social strongholds that secretly alienate users into a world of RATIONALIZING use of the drug. This can actually parallel with other kinds of drugs as well. Especially heroin and pharmaceutical drugs.


Let’s pause again



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