“The secret, long-time love affair between Crack and the Black Community(pt 3)” by Nijeta Ankh

blog-72Peace, love, and more LIGHT!!

It is a beautiful day, on this (14th) of February which has awarded me-SUNSHINE!

This is important since SUNSHINE IS MEDICINE FOR THE MIND, is a wealth of nutrients and INFORMATION for the body! After all of these rainy Atlanta days (I am playing, it’s only been a few weeks) I adore this sunlight and take it within with extreme gratitude!

The sun has healing agents as well and can QUICKLY take away a runny nose, headache, of course (chills) and low temp woes. But of course, DNA activation is the high manifestation.

It is basically EVERYTHING! If we woke up to no sun, it would be catastrophic…if it continued for more than a day.

Plants, animals, marine life, and people would die.

We need the Sun!

It is also, FREE!

That’s right, the most vital entity to our existence is millions of miles away, and it is governed by something that cares enough to make it show up.

Well before you say “JESUS!” let’s go back to earth..and the earthlings and the community of those of the divine called “black” in America (indigenous, Afro-american, Moors, Hebrews, Levites, Tribe of Judah, and more!) These are the people of whom I am a part of through blood. These are the people holding my utmost concern. These people are said to be under the highest stressors, the lowest financially endowed, the least to own land and business, and most recently (descendants of enslaved indigenous dark people of the region and Africa). It is these people who have been under various programs to annihilate, assimilate away from their origins, and conquered. For it is under these conditions that Crack cocaine was introduced and fed to collective.

The late Gary Webb( former cia operative and whistle blower on government involvement in the Crack cocaine crisis/holocaust) was such a person to substantiate such an effort carried out BY LAW ENFORCEMENT and the intelligence community. Below is his story.



Back to “crack cults” which is where I left off in (pt2). Conspiracy (a secret effort between (2) two or more persons) has always been a part of the crisis. It is the secret nature of the pathology. The shame and illegal nature of it all, kept the monster growing, internally. Like a huge parasite!

Of course, the monetary structure of the pyramid scheme of death (of any druglords) are also secret and although i’ve been outspoken on quite a few issues, this is where I draw the line cause I would be called a “snitch” (smile) erroneously.

However, let’s just say the druglord(ism) is definitely part of the “cultish” “do as thou wilt” behavior. The mentality and poverty are the capstone to the madness. This is why I cannot listen to druglord rap….without getting a very uncomfortable feeling within. What did we let happen on our watch?

I want to bring a experiment to mind. This is the water experiment. It shows that in an experiment, water (with some rice in it) and how it RESPONDED to the environment , based on THE FREQUENCY of energy it received. The best results showed FROM THE WATER THAT WAS VERBALLY PRAISED, UPLIFTED, PLACED IN THE RIGHT SUNLIGHT, ECT. As opposed to the rice that was yelled at and provided less than a “positive” experience.

30 days of love, hate and indifference: Rice and water experiment #1

Ok….so if a community is told it’s inhabitants are unworthy of anything positive and elevating, that community is marked for death!

The issue NOW is THE RETURN OF DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY which has eroded the last vestiges of a broken series of systems called democracy for the black collective. Did you know it is different than “democracy” for others?

Well we see NOW that an opiate crisis has ensued MOSTLY FROM AN ABUSE OF PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS, LEGALLY DISPENSED!  These drugs are killing even faster and target white users (possibly because of the ease of obtaining as a medical patient, and white citizen). But FAR LESS incarceration and almost NO DELIBERATE GENTRIFICATION is taking place. This is public knowledge that even congress had to acknowledge.



Therefore, why as a black (indigenous) person would you want to participate in your own genocide?

Well lemme go grab some more sunlight!

If you are a user of crack and in need of treatment, find resources in your state. Also, use natural resources like Yoga and proper nutrition to aid you.

May you be well.

Peace, love, and infinite light!🔥✨


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