“Soulwars-The undercurrent of child rape culture, QAnon Conspiracy, and what we can do about it” (pt1)by Nijeta Ankh

Peace, Love, and Light!!

A goddess has been busy with some transitional things as well as my upcoming ep , Lexicon. No hidden meanings , just means wordsmith.

You see we have to start being very clear now. For much of what we have celebrated and known as “normal” is actually not and is part of a hidden, clandestine but PROGRESSIVE movement of Satanism. This leads to branches and some (the highest) have been found to be dealing in some of the most incredibly monstrous and evil practices. These include child rape, child torture, murder, and cannibalism.

What I am saying is…you may have celebrated these practices, unknowingly. Therefore, I call this “Soulwars” as this is a warning and calling to the soul of each of us.

A few weeks ago,Microsoft released a new product and promoted a virtual art installation (commercial) featuring, praising, and basically diefying known satanic witch, Maria Ambrovich. This is on the heels of a Coronavirus outbreak and unprecedented shutdown of the entire country. This means, we could have all had better chance to see this, if we watch media and social media. The commercial was filled with clips of her install with profane images of her (one with a boy with no shirt, her in back of him, holding her hand over his eyes). Another, her BURGUNDY dress giving the subliminal of her being a red blood cell, I guess. So I will ask, who in the world allowed these people to denegrate our minds with such programming??

We could blame Bill Gates but he actually JUST stepped down from the Microsoft board just a few months ago…..before the release of the commercial. It has since been removed from the Microsoft website as, the masses spoke out in loud decent.

I was waiting on the articles saying Jay Z and Bey brought a million masks and ventilators for hungry non-working americans or sudanese or whoever they are told to send their incredible resources to. But what do you know….its been VERY quiet from that camp #Qanon. Any Coronavirus home concerts?? I dont know but what I do know (based on numerous reports) is that this woman is so evil, the commercial and campaign to celebrate her wickedness via art by Microsoft this past easter, was removed from the Microsoft website. A “spirit cooker” she openly speaks of necromancy. Doesn’t Jay look…………. overly passionate(possessed)?



What can we do?
First, education is key.
The problem for pop culture is it is (like the Microsoft feature) packed with subliminal and BLATENT imagery and language desensitising the world to rape, sexual objectification (which is not actually healthy) sadism, and the higher level (demonic) tier of child rape, torture, and murder. Yes…I said demonic because I DO NOT believe these are human traits at all. I will come back to that.

We need a detox of satanic programming.

Also to innerstand the classifications and symbology released by fbi.


Things we see everyday. As we know with the all seeing eye symbol, it is not gothic but KEMETIC in origin as our African ancestors had this symbolism prevelent in their society. This is thousands of years before endoeuropean occupation.

Therefore in the same respect, something once innocent and holy like the all-seeing eye of wadjet, is it not linked with an entirely different order of beings and agenda?

The same has happened for the pink and blue hearts, we have seen all our lives.

More celebrity connections….Oprah’s John of God actually has been convicted of rape, torture, and kidnapping hundreds of women on his compound. And I might add.. he has a horrible complexion. Is that a coincidence??? Not sure since these exploits are also about necromancy. Take a look for yourself.

I will be back on this tomorrow explaining QAnon.


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