“Soulwars-The undercurrent of Death Culture, QAnon Conspiracy..and more symbology” (pt2)by Nijeta Ankh

Peace and Light family!

I am well. Is this information shocking my soul? In a way.

The shocking part is our closeness to it. Like having a serial killer, in the state. It’s just too close for comfort. For this isn’t about fear. Some of us would love the chance to bash a serial killers face in, but won’t get the opportunity. It’s a trip THROUGH AND AROUND cognitive dissonance and back to the realm of truth. Nothing these people do of good, can justify parading this shit in our faces. Yes, I said shit.

The secret behind the secret is “Q”. The whistle blower, anonymously wreaking havoc in these people’s lifetime and their campaigns of being our idols has said one powerful quote being repeated all over the internet these days:

“Symbology will be their downfall”.-“Q Anonymous” whistle blower

“Lady Gaga” could have been a person I thought was talented and maybe even liked black culture (since her entire break out video was a female plagerised, oversexualized version of Micheal Jackson’s “Beat It” in theme and innuendo). It always seemed liked something was behind her engine of a career, making sure we at least, accepted her. Well that is because most do not understand the music industry and it’s mind control ON THE PUBLIC!

We were supposed to think she is rachous and does what she wants.
Well, turns out she is actually not unique, not even fashion-wise as all she presents is based on her involvement with the Satanic Church of Satan. Back in this story is Maria Ambrovich (High priestess, spirit cooker, and possible child murderer) and both their relationship. Let’s say…it looks tight. Gaga had said M.A. is her mentor. I think that speaks for itself in all that means. To be a mentored is to be GROOMED!

“Lady Gaga” at a “spirit cooking” exercise with Witch and mentor, Maria Ambrovich
Image(I do not own this copywrite)

Well since everyone is stealing my #Goddesque color palette from last year(check the site) I am so curious as to what is going to transpire when fans realise the “CHROM-atica” she is talking about is Adrenochrome? With a magenta toned logo design….almost red in color (blood)with a pitchfork and a snake embossed in the iconography. I think that says enough for now on her level of involvement…quite substantial. Like mass promotion!
Keep in mind what we are talking about. Adrenochrome needs a victim IN PAIN AND TERROR to raise adrenaline levels to desired levels.


Based on what can be researched, melanin is actually accessed and just as desired….even through the same means.
More “QAnon” fans might find it strange that her father is asking for help with his restaurant during the Covid-19 crisis. Are her assets ok? We can only wait and see.
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Come back tomorrow for part 3 and my conclusion.

Take care of yourselves…a new and beautiful day is coming!!!!🌻


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