“Soulwars-The undercurrent of Death Culture, QAnon Conspiracy..and Erykah…wtf? ” (pt3/conclusion)by Nijeta Ankh

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A censorship program is aligned with a Target and Destroy program(currently).
We simply don’t have alot of time to waste.

What I am giving in this article is a stark criticism, some may say brutal! Yet, this person, I actually was a fan of. So, it was shocking and lends even more credence to this transmission. As , I before saw this artist in a positive light, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, Erykah Badu may also be giving possible symbolism, of adrenochrome murder! This evil and wicked practice (“Spirit cooking” “Adrenochrome kill”) has been highlighted in the recent arrest and later suicide of Jeffery Epstein, that this practice may be going on with several if not most top (high earning) celebrities!

Check out pt.(1) and (2).

With that in mind, I want to know, is anyone asking Erykah Badu, again, what was up with that Flaming Lips video?

Go watch it again, with what you know NOW about Adrenochrome.
The video: “The first time I saw your face” Flaming Lips/Erykah Badu was wrecked with controversy and even her trying to say she had nothing to do with it’s release. In an open letter however, she NEVER STATED that she opposed the scenes of faux blood and what appears to be faux semen dousing her sisters body. There were also scenes of what LOOKS LIKE children’s toys being beaten by a drummer….Erykah in a bathtub..appearing beaten (a occult sign of being “broken in” for the industry). This actually did hit me different, as it was a strange change from her earlier work. Some one has some extra explaining to do.
The group “Flaming Lips” already broke ground as occult weirdos by putting out “Gummy Fetus” candy depicting dead aborted babies.
Somebody said at some point: “birds of a feather, flock together.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t looking anything like Maat as the ankh jewelry she wears, is much less then before, and more like a afterthought and not her theme.

Why the changes Erykah? Something affecting you… possessing you?

Well this video appeared to be a ritual of some sort. And why cast spells like this on the public? Ask yourself.
Shockingly, the blood scene looked way too much like the scene from hostel II. This is where a rich baroness purchases a female to kill, torture, and allow the blood to drip to bathe in it,in a bathtub.

I’m just gonna post pics. As an artist, and former fan, i’d like to slap her right now (hard)! What a demented image to give us, Erykah!


“Gummy Fetus” candy gimmick by “Flaming Lips” (2011)

Images(I don’t own the copyrights).

And finally…to enduring, emotionally attached fans, if she was warning us about the Adrenochrome trade, why the oversexualized presentation. She wants a orgasmic revolution of consciousness….while taking in evil suggestion?


“Symbolism would be their downfall.”-Q

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