“Why I’m not going to any protests today” (5-31-2020-George Lloyd case) by Nijeta Ankh

Peace Family!

I posted this Saturday afternoon on my Official Nutmeg YT channel and watched from my dwelling, the riots increase around the country and the world. Therefore, I want to detract only the idea that we don’t have a movement, because obviously, something powerful is going on! I still stand by my thoughts on the clandestine elements hidden, working, some for, others against our rise and using these social explosions to do it. The Black Lives Matters Movement, becoming the leader in this arena, I stand by my questioning of that but recall how it transpired, first.

The images from around the country are stunning, haunting and even some beautiful, anytime melenin is captured. Kapernick is also at the forefront, based on social media. We are seeing the same players from the 2014 calming of the Ferguson Riots. Where will it all lead this time?

I stand by my words, I will not take a knee. And if my hands go up, it’s to shoot some “Kah” energy at you! I’m just not going along with the symbology, are you?

I DO see this..

The call for change is loud! People are wailing and the need for an entire paradigm alignment is in order. This, I wanted to add to my comments, in this video. I’m sometimes satarizing but not trying to put any comics out of work , specifically. I have to have humor. We are simply participating in our demise with the yoke of capitalism, dragging us down. These riots do represent that may not continue.

Humbly, I want to apologise for offending anyone (personally) if you have ever felt attacked by me in any personal interactions or online. With that being said, we are at war and I am now putting up my firewall and leaving social media for good!

This is to connect and find the essence to help us ascend, it is not there.

Check out the video for more on my earlier predictions on these protests/riots.

Be empowered and enlightened People of the Sun!


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“Why I’m not going to any protests today” (George Lloyd)


Images from Facebook from various Minnesota riots 5-30-2020.
*I don’t own the copyrights to these images.

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