“How do we inetiate (and apply) Divine Feminine energy In The age of Anu (Aquarius)” By Nijeta Ankh

Peace, and Divine love family!

I have taken a few months away from weekly posts but still striving to keep you informed of my thoughts, reflections, and transmissions.

Getting into Summer Solistice 2020, it’s heralding the Divine Feminine energy of fertility, light, passion, and our awakening. This is definitely not the time to get extra physical as it is all being altered. What does the song say ” B*#@ Don’t get too comfortable!” (smile). It’s something inconceivable going on. Ah, but we strive to innerstand collectively and are either concerned with an election, lack of one, the Covid Virus and the surrounding propaganda (important term right now) the economy and lack of jobs, our relationships (or lack thereof) we are focused on lack (by design) as an objective of the mind controllers of the populace.

But there are a few of us who are thinking on Metaphysical aspects of existing, this post is for YOU!

In this post, I want to deal with the application of Divine Feminine energy in the Age of Aquarius.

First, we have to define each:

Divine Feminine:
Divine Feminine is an aspect of nature that is superior, and complete, manifesting as mitchondrial dna that only is held by the original woman of the planet, now called “African” or some say “Asiatic”. All woman hold an aspect of Divine Feminine as we all come from the source, in some way. However, due to the nature of melanin, cosmic connections, and even what some may call “extra terrestrial” are simply correlations and genetic fact, the African woman was first and holds the genetic code of the ancient ancestors who were named in the Sumarian Tablets!

But that is not all! Divine Feminine, the Mother Goddess (figure) archytype, comes up in not limited to, but the holistic following: Yoruba, Ifa, Celtic, Vedic, MesoAmerican, Indigenous Australia, Native-American Indian via earlier, Pacific islander, ECT!

The world had already praised a Divine Mother. Now, 6 THOUSAND YEARS LATER, this has totally changed.

This, we know is by design and an Intelligence of a globalist nature and agenda for marginalizing Divine Feminine energy, ideas, concept, and language (ever heard the word goddess in organized religion?). The Niccea Council and development of The Holy Bible for mass use, is one such agenda and event.

Mitchondrial Dna-genetic receipts!

This Dna called “Mitchondrial” holds the genetic template for all creation on the planet. The first woman on record to date is from the cradle of Sudan. Nature and the ongoing mathematical coding in place “Fibonacci sequence” has already employed Divine Feminine. It is what we are allowed and willing to take in with our senses as in fact , her Divine self, that we are.

looking at African Civilization: It also includes The Sumerian period, The Indus Valley, and The Phoenician period. These all were black civilizations with varying culture and practice but all claim to come from an earlier “Star” ancestor.

The one who is called “Sophia”goddess in Gnosticism is actually derived from the Kemetic “Egyptian” Goddess, Nut. She is encompassing the universe with her body. We are are ALL part of her. Nut has a sister, Sopdet. Niether of them represent earthly beings. My other, more central point, they are feminine entities, one representing sky, the other, the Star. Both have deeper meanings for the spiritual alignment for hueman beings.

What cannot be denied, calculated and defined in time, is the role of Divine Feminine energy (what cradled, cultivated, and brought you here-reflect).
Traditionally, as a first mystery school of Kemetic learning, the first is the School of Isis or (Auset) and emptiness. A student is made to reflect on the goddess Auset and raise in awareness, that all is within the womb of space. This , women connect to by the physical Stargates (womb) and pineal gland.

Mayan Long count calender synchronicity

In the Mayan prophesy (which is predated by the Olmeccan civilization) a goddess named Bolon Ik (white wind) is made to come together with the Time traveler, Mayan god Pocal”Pocal”Votan (reincarnated) to make a great storm that would lead to a rebirth, a new time, and new civilization.

“What has been called civilization has now played itself out. There is no reason any longer to perpetrate it for any reason or in anyway whatsoever. The only solutions is to stop everything and redirect the species.” –Valum Votan

This is part of Popal Vuh scripture (a written text or shamanistic Mayan storys of the region).

The Mayan Long Count calenders (4 interlocking in total) make up the series of time frames that supposedly ended in Dec 21, 2012. However, the “end” is a series of YEARS! Some say UP TO 20! This all corresponds to the same timeframe.

“The 13 baktun cycle of the Mayan long-account calendar is 1,872,000 days or 5,125.366 years long. This is one of the longest cycles found in the Mayan calendar system.

This is why an “end” is so shocking!

The Mayan Calendar

The Yugas (thousand year period in Ancient India (Hinduism) are not much different, only separated by 12000 year periods (eras of Divine archytypes).

This , however, has been hidden knowledge and not made public until the unearthing and translation work of The Sumarian Tablets led by author and excavator, Zechariah Stichin. Understand, once a seeker takes the journey of exploring, they will find the political palace of glass houses (institution) which hold sway in the instance of truth excavation. Racism, claasism, and elitestism have been hinderences to learning, connecting, and responding. We are not sought out by the New Age crowd as DECENDENTS of the very people they study. The following article explains this issue. https://www.ancient-origins.net/human-origins-religions/zecharia-sitchin-and-mistranslation-sumerian-texts-009442

With that bring said, the man worked on a gold mine of ancestral info. it was in these translations of the Sumarian Tablets, that this Divine mother figure resurfaced again.

In the legend of Ninhursag, the goddess princess of the Great Anu, Father of Nibiru, were part of a great race for the takeover of Earth. The story is that gold was found, which was needed on Nibiru and consequently, led to a conflict with The Annunaki depositing bases, and what we believe to be great wisdom as these were Djetuti “Thoth” of Ancient Kemet “Egypt”. Ninhursag wanted to help her father and created a race of beings to be known later as “homosapiens”, us and those closely related to MINE for the gold!

This is important for several reasons. We can deal with some aspects in another writing.

What is vital here is in the texts showing Ninhursag at work, two serpent like forms show alongside her. If you intertwine both, you would have a double helix. This is the exact shape of dna, the smallest codes of intelligent life.
This does not conflict with the late Credo Mutwa’s creation story and transmissions given in interviews with David Ike. He ALSO gives an account of a female diety making woman, and later men, and even later,the sexual act.

Divine Feminine energy is electric, transmitting at a high frequency of Divine love, the highest of vibrations! For you , laid in comfort in your mother’s womb (which was nearly it’s own planet) it’s own ecosystem!

Age of Aquarius/Age of Anu

Alongside this prophesy, we have what those who follow Gregorian time call the Age of Aquarius! This is a time of roughly 2000 years, follows the Picean Age of Christiandom, Islam, Catholicism, (also 2000 years) and all organized patriarchal religion. The Pieces is the Fish or “Lord Enki” The Nommo of Ancient Dogon “myth” of a fish God offering up it’s body for man to eat, after being killed and supernaturally turning himself into a god.
We see the correlation between negative and positive energy (Divine and earthly energy) always ebb and flowing back and forth. The AQUARIUN stage comes after and it said to be alerted by the Mayan (end of days) since all is the same time period. This age, one of water essence, truth , balance, the Divine mother, and a new creation.
Just think about it, how does one create in nature without woman?

The African Wombman and her closest decendents, will take on the same frequency and uplift humanity, these are the points of light. However, she is scattered all over the planet, some in deep travail, looking for a miracle out the patriarchal labyrinth of bondage. This is something The African Wombman must come to terms with. She knows what debases her. She is Divine Feminine walking.

Initeating Divine Feminine

Google yielding this definition for “inetiate”.

cause (a process or action) to begin.
“he proposes to initiate discussions on planning procedures”
start off
take action on
usher in
put in place
bring about
get under way
set in motion
trigger off
set up
lay the foundations of
lay the first stone of
lay the cornerstone of
sow the seeds of
start the ball rolling
get cracking on
get going on
kick off
admit (someone) into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual.
“she had been formally initiated into the sorority”
a person who has been initiated into an organization or activity, typically recently.
“initiates of the Shiva cult”-Wiki

With that in mind, I propose that the best way of inetiating Divine Feminine energy is to CONJURE it! We can bring this energy into our lives in reflection, ritual, prayer, and meditation. We should find a balance and a peace. Once the Divine Mother is present, we seek the best that she can give and seek harmony with that energy.

This is something we did naturally in a communal way as Africans, yet this has been socially engineered out of the experience. This has to change. We must respect Divine Feminine as the creative and supportive energy linked with the Source of All there is! She is your mother. Cultivate it. Cultivate it in your daughters. Men should cultivate this essence in their wives (not dismiss it) as well as in theirselves. It is the balance.


To be continued : The Divine Oracle’s and Hatchepsuts’ immaculate conception.


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