” The Grand Awakening” by Nijeta Ankh𓋹


Time to wake up!📯

Get the boogers out your eyes. Shit is real…and manure grows stuff. So what is taking place at this time?

In the coming days, I have to speak plain and to the laymen, my people. We are a precious people. See us, you feel something.

Therefore , in reverence, I won’t make you wait a few more days as I have not written much lately, at any rate. I have been in travail….as we all have, with this Covid-19 economic shutdown which has changed the job market, the spiritual warfare and breakdown of society norms like Hollywood and the Jeffery Epstein arrest which exposed things so dark(involving major “stars”) some of the public in the know, are truamatised for life. The wicked nature is showing the seed , and this the harvest. You just can’t eat this fruit. This fruit is meant to be disguarded.

Wake up! You who seek balance and harmony. You who are kind and thoughtful as you feel connected to your people. You feel when someone else is in pain. You know what they feel, in your body, you feel it. You feel for our people across the waters all over the planet. You feel for the families who are being herded off of their lands either by flood, fire, or TYRANNY!

You who are dispersed, separated from your families, when you know you have always wanted all of your family near you, you who feel this, wake up to this feeling!

Feel the agony of this transition….and breathe it out. For just as your breath leaves in small traces, life is just playing out day by day to form elements. Nothing is inconsequential or coincidental.

I have been reliving things in my mind that play out over and over again, in my waking life. The same monster keeps coming. This can be fear, or past truma, or simple be psychosis as the mind can only take so much before a degeneration takes place and harmony must come. A defragging of the computer must happen and this needs the computer to be ON, Right(asking my IT specialists out there) . No more time for escapism. The goal must be written and placed before us.

As black people in America, we need the incur the following (in order): land for Farms, a food industry, housing (a new industry based on OUR MOST COMMON demographic, and a system of telecommunications to express ourselves accross long distances WITHOUT spying for the intent and purposes of DERAILING and COMPROMISING the collective agenda….first.

Then we would be “WOKE”.

Currently, I reside in Atlanta, Ga. I actually was here as a baby, with my mother in class at Spellmen University, as my mother, then Cheryl Carter, was a dynamic black girl rocking, with me beside her. She always spoke highly of ATL and I would suggest EVERY AFRICAN PERSON go VISIT as it is truly beautiful!

What a place to “WAKE UP” in as the land is rich and fertile yielding not only fruit trees but also dandelions, lavender, and magnolias (growing wild in urban areas).

The Earth is here for us to MAKE A HOME and reside in to the fullest possible capabilities!

Wake up! Every one of us has a gift. Everyone has talents and at some point in their lives, create a skillset. This is for survival and just being and adult. However, many never TAP IN!

We do this to the point, we become angry when another person tries to tap in their own potential..

Well 2020 is here..IT’S NOT GOING TO LET UP…and it’s actually almost gone…

You up yet?

My passion is music, someone else might love to create delicious meals, someone else might make pottery. Guess what: WE LIKE ALL OF THAT STUFF!!!!!

We have to tap in to who we are, and use our senses….all 7 of them

The goal is what you write…remember your dna rewritting I wrote about maybe a year ago:

Take it even further, everything we really like and need , IS NATURAL!

Think about it……

Most people need soap over drugs….and some of us MAKE SOAP!

My personal goal seems out of reach, that is because you haven’t recognized your true ability and the bigger picture which is your soul power and purpose!

I AM CHOOSING TO PUSH IT HARDER..but we are LEARNING to do this. It takes time but THE TIME IS NOW!

Grand Rising!📯☀️

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