“(One day I found out who I was) The Acsencion process and why it is inescapable” by Nijeta Ankh


How’s it going?

Peace….hello…do our greetings really matter?

Well sure they do. It is a pleasant and appropriate way to get another human beings attention.

So how go you get a human beings attention if you are not in the same human form?

Perhaps you are a spirit, how would you get a humans’ attention?

Well this time we are in is one of cosmos change and revelation. Dimensions communicating with dimensions.

So how would a multi-dimensional being reach you with multidimensional wisdom?

Well this is something to reflect on, in itself. But I bring the question as part of a bigger question of acsencion (how, why, ECT).

I am going to blog in full detail on this facinating and highly relevant subject.

Check back in a few days.

Oh…enjoy the music:

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