1. Grand rising goddess Nijeta Ankh ,
    I will be posting a few designs of u on this site . Please bless me with some poems from your hearts song , illastrating your brilliants has always been a honer Beautiful, gorgeous, perfect Goddess Queen.

    Cosplay Art Photo Shoot

    Sup, I’m Demetrius A MCcoy , the practice of field work as a functioning graphic artist here in Newport News Virginia has began. With prices that climb or lower due to shading and/or adding color , any character u would like to be drawn as or to be drawn for u is a reality . With money over handing masterpiece, u can be doing a cosplay art photo shoot today ! U are more then welcome to attend or even partner up with us. It will be held at #MainStreetLibrary ……….Age limits Vary ( https://vexedinsainityarts.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/cosplay-model.jpeg ) …..( https://vexedinsainityarts.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/hentai.jpg…… https://vexedinsainityartscomics.wordpress.com/ ) ……………….. For Auditions Use this link: https://duo.app.goo.gl/HJ2CsaV


    1. I love it!😍 I love you and appreciate the trials and tribulations we go through to reach self. Phoenix isn’t the same without you. I remember watching you draw and everyone crowding around. You are a genius and a king at heart!❤ 💯📯
      Of course we can do something amazing!🎉
      I actually had a few art features and would love to feature your story and work.
      Send a short bio/6 images to Goddesque13@yahoo.com.
      Be well and enjoy your day!✨
      Peace & Love🌸

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