“The Sky Goddess, the Firmament, Nut, Sophia and the Oracle of time (pt.1)” by Nijeta Ankh

Peace and Light,

I come to you from, and with.

It is BEAUTIFUL right now in Phoenix, Arizona, the luminescent light blue depths (Sky) is caressed by straightway, free flowing clouds.

This post will be along the lines of some of my earlier posts, metaphysical and full of my thoughtful alignments/synchronicity, and holistic value of the subject which is rarely delineated as such, a holistic subject. As some things I will mention, won’t be AS VITAL as the next as ONE IS DERIVED from the ORIGINAL.

So we will enter our minds into what surrounds and flows within us, water.

Water or h2o as the proper chemical makeup is as follows :

One part Hydrogen, one part Oxygen.

The molecular structure is shaped like a crescent or bowl. *Important note as Nut (sky goddess)is represented in Kemetic hieroglyphs by a symbol of a bowl sometimes with water in it and set atop her head.

Water is very subversive and truly permeates ALL LIVING things!

*Pause/ reflect

They say: “Water seeks it’s on level”.

However, what level in life is water not present?

It even changes form and can kill us.

However, in Kemetic Science, the elements (fire, water, earth, ect) are the Neteru (supreme beings) and have multi- dimensional purpose and act as SYMBOLS themselves for each element, Shu (Air) being the father to the Sky (water) goddess Nut. Therefore, we see AIR (OXYGEN) as a possible precursor to water since the latter includes it and not the other way around. AIR is a force, an element, a masculine energy, and destructive one. There are however wind goddesses in African (Akan) and other indigenous practices and belief systems. Oya is one that even the mention of her name causes fear amongst those in the know of her powers that are attributed to her in many systems. Oya (phonetically not far from OXYGEN) the air diety is feminine in this respect. But back to SHU.

Shu is joined by a consort and ALSO an element which IS WATER ALSO “moisture” or TEFNUT was his wife and represented the essence of life that conceives ALL LIFE on the planet.

I was taking a break from this post and researching it and thought on the process of Fertilization.

I watched the video.

It looks like waterworld!

There are sperm swimming like fish, going thru tubes looking like a trip to Big Surf (a water park from my childhood)! And NOT ONLY THAT but YOU BREATHE UNDER WATER WITHIN YOUR MOTHER for almost a year.

Therefore, with even just light reflection,

Water is a feminine and very precious gift!

And what we think of as “human” may need more reflection.

Oxygen molecules very uniquely are Oxygen atoms (only) and joined in a union with another, makes the Oxygen molecule. It is a very succinct atomic structure and laws such as unity and balance of the number of electrons and protons matters. But that is another subject (but very interesting as well). Oxygen basically stands alone and doesn’t need another atom of another type to bond with. It simply needs another like itself to bind with, making the complete atom (atum) molecule. This is what we need to stay alive, every few seconds. This is a gas (an etheric) form of a solid. That solid (with the hydrogen atom) makes water. It is erosive, acidic, cleansing, and balancing. It is a neutral form and is invisible.

This part (visibility) is a “blind spot” of consciousness since humans believe they must see something with their eyes or it is not real. However, this most important element called this marginalizing term “oxygen” cannot be seen.

Let’s leave this here and reflect.

More on the dieties, connections, omnism, and the Great Mother pt (2) and (3).


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