The Sky Goddess, the Firmament, Nut, Sophia and the Oracle of time (pt.2)” by Nijeta Ankh “Nutmeg”

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And more light to you and yours!

This is part 2 to this most illustrious subject!

And why does it matter(metaphysical understanding) as we can just continue

without knowing?

It is because of the timeframe of this small

galaxy, appointments, and evolutions.

Once your consciousness joins in the “knowing” you aid in a collective only getting stronger, in multiple realms and realities. Galactic Alignment is an idea based on numerous accounts via ancestral star charts, showing a lining up of stars, planets, and galaxies to make up a galactic alignment or (The Great Conjunction) as it is called.

Nut (the concave physical cosmic body) is like your pupil, engaging and bending light for the purpose of giving you many benefits. One being protection, another- Management of the Solar Energy (Rah)that comes to the planet.

The other is SIGHT to actually form an image and then still , an interpretation of the image. Like funneling all sun energy through a system for you to use.

The Great Mother is an assistant in the galactic evolutionary process, says the legends.

Nut (Nuit) is a Kemetic SKY Goddess of Creation, second generation, and daughter of Shu and TEFNUT, of the Great Ennead (a upper echelon pantheon 9 Gods of Creation).

She is characterized as a Kemetic woman enclosing the planet with her nude body (most times covered with stars). She is ether of space “dark matter” enclosing Earth. Earth is her consort of which she is actually an estranged and separated consort of (Geb).

Depiction of Nut, Geb, and celestial spirits (Bah) *Image not my own

Birthing four (4) children, she took on a fifth thru Geb, Osiris(Asar).

Side note: This reminds me of my first set of children I had in my twenties (2 boys/2 girls) before remarrying, again.

This is interesting since there is actually five (5) levels to the “sky” or earth’s atmosphere. 3 BEYOND the Stratosphere.

Exosphere being the furthest from us.

There is more on Nut in the Pert Em Heru (Called the Book of the Dead -erroneously) as well as poems , hymns, and prayers for her.

The Greek learned of these stories, the Gods or (Neteru) and their powers, and basically made their own versions.

Also, Christiandom and it’s powers also borrowed key characters and elements to help define the concept of a Great Mother “Mary”. Specificially the goddesses: Hathor, Auset, Isis (Nut’s daughter) and Nut herself. newer doctrine development of the New World gave a newer version : The Virgin Mary, Astar (Ishtar).

Understand why I say this since Nut was no virgin and bore 4 children. However, Auset(Isis) resembles The Virgin Mary in her storyline and purpose. She bares the man child “Jesus” or (Heru) the HERO who is also echoed (reflected ) in the Hercules character. The problem for mainstream religious historians, Ancient Kemet proliferated these stories about 10, 000 years before Christianity.

I, myself, not being a “Christian” chose to look deeper into the earlier information. There is more to find…

Isis (Nut’s daughter and Goddess of Magic) has an immaculate conception to birth Heru “Horus” ALSO.

The Goddess Nut has a subversive essence to her Majesty as well. But once you crack her code, you get something healthy and beneficial, a comfort. For she resides as a protective layer of consciousness. Maat also has a very subversive nature and was said in ancient times that her essence permeates the cosmos with righteousness and truth.

How is this possible? In Quantum Physics? Astronomy?

Is there such a thing?

Well there is research that mankind has never actually left the atmosphere(ozone layer) since our moon is actually not outside of it.

There is still the bigger mystery of dark matter itself, a radioactive form of unseen matter and part of our atmosphere. Then there are laws like gravity, issuing placement and form and reactive measures for more form and then motion. The dark cold, and unseen (mysterious) matter more feminine. The energetic and kinetic and electromagnetic manifestations, masculine. This goes back to Ancient Kemetic mystery school concepts. Example: Kundulini “Male” , Pineal gland -Womb “Feminine”. In the binary code which is the basis of computer language: 0=Female, 1=Male. The feminine principle, a kind of unknown realm (portal) of infinite possibilities. The male, the ACTIVATOR!

Nut also represents womanhood. In childbirth, a woman’s body encompasses her child. Her -Womb becoming it’s own state of existing totally separate from anything outside of the birth process. Mother is complete.

Chemistry, science, and alchemy all BASED ON LAWS to work.

This is how the Goddess encompasses and serves her creation.

Why are these symbols and names and their characterizations important?

Because it shows a hierarchy of order, growth, and the process of great alchemy: Rebirth.

This relief in Dedera (Egypt) one of the most famous and a personal favorite of mine from the Temple of Hathor.

*I do not own this image.

But there is something very different about this , isn’t it?

Nut is not above but more like WITHIN the form of a kind of underworld, aquatic in nature. It appears she is UNDER water. her body no longer ABOVE but AROUND and UNDERNEATH.

This shows a multi dimensional version of this diety.

Did you know that all sentient beings are?

You are Multi-Dimensional!🎉

Another aspect, the DOME (Concave, Firmament) Some say the shape of houses or worship (ie;Catholics and dome shaped cathedrals) were to secretly pay homage to the Goddess, her womb,and her arching back, arms, and legs shielding the Earthplane in some way. Even the most religious follower may not be able to deny the spiritual percussors are in Ancient Kemet.

Some say that Mosque Maryam of the Nation of Islam is a secret sign of hidden goddess worship. This would need an entire blog but not much is available about it (asside from the official story).

Yes, The Holy Quran has an entire chapter or “sura” dedicated to this “Mary” or “Mayam”. This would just be a fact standing on it’s owe if not for a remarkable effort on part of several religious groups to also, diefy the mother of this “Jesus” or “Heru” figure (as he is called in Kemetic History).

THRU the same type of doctrine and religious forming that the popularization of the Mother of Jesus ,Mother of the Universe as she became.

Let’s pause as I will explain Nut EVEN MORE, Her STORY, Geb (EARTH) later development (Sophia) The Oracle of TIME and MORE!

Dropping on my favorite spiritual day


Peace and Light!🌹✨

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