“Nut, Hathor, mother’s milk, and the Oracle of time” (pt.3) [Conclusion]

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Adding this also: “Mother’s Milk and the Goddess Hathor”

This is because it further delineates a point:

Life is basically separated by forms(matter) and energy in plethora of function in divine balance

and logic.

Mother Goddess/Mother Nature nurtures on levels we may not consider and most won’t give Divine Feminine any recognition at all. Others are at war with her.

This subject I have pondered much, as a mother of 7, all breastfed. Something VERY spiritual happens during this time but not only. It is the very act itself. Because ONCE AGAIN the BODY of MOTHER is used in such a way, baby was not naturally meant to go without. And how is what we call “milk” not a simple protein water solution?

Go look it up! And THINK.

This “milk” takes on special and sacred

attributes and is thought as holy

In many cultures as well as Ancient Kemet (Egypt).

The Holy Quran has an entire chapter called “The Cow” paying homage to this animal said to produce milk FOR human consumption. The culture already honored breastfeeding (it was natural, everyone did it). And gave MANY examples of The Cow having a specialized system of organs to produce this formula.

However, what predates that (sura) is the Goddess Hathor of ANCIENT KEMET (Like Nut) worshipped and honored FOR SIMILAR REASONS as a REPRESENTATION of The Cow with many depictions, carvings , and reliefs showing her as a hybrid humanoid cow goddess. Her temples were actually places of sacred prostitution (an actual practice) where goddesses served in capacity of nurturing and divine healing.

Ancient bust of Hathor

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The idea was that as a man wanting to give thanks to the Goddess and receive blessing and good fortune, he would worship at the Temple of Hathor by bringing offerings and taking time with one of her Goddess representatives.

Cultures all over the planet had a kind of reverence for these shapely beings (females) who squeeze humans into the world, but it was much beyond the shapes but the scope and magnitude for what Mother Goddess means to life.

*Artist depiction of dual worship of Nut/Hathor

I wonder how are we do not see the correlation that we are being fed a liquid, are born in a liquid, and all life comes from this liquid?

This “Water” liquid rules!

Again, we breathe “oxygen” a form of “water”.

Mother Goddess Nut and her divine essence is hiding out in these images as her omnipotence cannot be depicted in any one image.

Because She is water.


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