“Letting go season lining up with Waning Moon (Dove Meditation)”🕊️

It’s time to let go and let it be so.

I thought this same sentiment on a few matters.

Mainly, my pending divorce.

2021 and beyond has promise, if we let it be!

Let things grow and flow. let go of heaviness,

Fly! ⬆️

First, gotta let go and be patient.

We live in a 3rd Dimensional existing in shifting density and 5 D Consciousness. Allowing what is in the astral, spiritual to come to physical is actually manifesting in reverse. It is by the unseen ways that matter forms and things manifest.

Build from within. Remove the blocks.

In time with the Waning Gibbous Moon last night, as of (3-6-2021) there will be about 9 days till a NEW MOON for April. This is a good time to prepare, heal, and let the cosmos “the divine playground” tune and calibrate you.

Try my dove meditation:

Get comfortable (lying or sitting) and clear your mind with breathing exercises (I use the “pranic” breath).

As you slow your breath down, start to visualize

That you are weightless in empty space.

Visualize a dove is fluttering beneath your chest

As you start to release with longer breathes , release the dove.

The dove represents your messenger

To the spirit world and goes where your physical body cannot. She is called the “Bah”. See this dove go higher and higher until she is out of sight. Say a prayer to your Divine Source that you release and let the dove send your message for she/he is you.

Let GO!🕊️

Breathe back to an awakened state🌬️

Enjoy your day!🌺

*Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below or email me directly to : Goddesque13@yahoo.com

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