“Power Up… resetting from the root chakra in time for a New Spring! #Goddesque

Time for a reset!📯

Resetting, detoxing, untwisting,

And calibrating for the beautiful Spring

Coming SOON! 🌻

What I’m doing: buying new stones since many of mine have simply disappeared, have been given to acquaintances, or lost.

So I made a lapis, abalone, and red coral purchase today

and I’m excited to be trying emerald for the


From the ROOT🌺 and come all the way back

Up! ⬆️

THIS should be done PERIODICALLY AS YOU WILL BEGAN TO SENSE that you can use some readjusting.

Keep those essential oils in your purse (I just grabbed a new pack) and USE THEM!💯

Pay attention to HOW YOU FEEL as you

Can only benefit!💯

Clear those pathways, get them goddess baths, yoni steams, new hair and skin regimens!📯

Meditate📯 meditate📯 meditate!📯

With meditation , genuine stones should be used and has been proven to ensure fantastic results including aiding in spiritual awakenings.

The BEST STONES for this chakra are bright red or burgundy in color : Carnelian , garnet, red coral and more.

The best chant is “Lam” and this is based on Hindu stewards over these very ancient sciences practiced in many cultures.

You use both the chant and stones together. The green stone called malachite actually gets all of the chakras awakening and processing

as well, to your benefit.

Chakra balancing is ongoing as I will have more reasons to pose.😅

*Pictured: Me in an element🔥💋

Have a powerful day!📯🏺💦💙

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