My first DIY Henna hand tatoo experience!🙌🏾

Peace & Love!

I finally tried this and let me say, I never intended to be the person applying it, especially for the first time, on myself…🤣

I brought it at an Indian import, got excited, and forgot an important step, THE SKIN TEST (WHICH 2 DIY vids on YT ALSO MISSED🤣)!

Therefore, I did not check to see if my skin could take it.

The tube for traditional henna painting is not user-friendly, so it’s like painting with mud from a tube (truly).😂🎨

I could use more practice. You have to get the tube to release in a steady flow for no breaks in the artwork.

After it began to dry (after about an hour) my skin started to tingle and burn.

So as I’m looking up Medical websites saying it’s probably an allergic reaction 😱 I thought:

“Beauty is pain, to a limit!😂

I washed it off with soap and water! This was like removing mud. However, it had already been on for over and hour, it left a nice stain, I LOVED😍!

At first almost orange. after a few hours , a dark sienna.

It’s after nursing it with aloe and coconut oil, the color is even darker the second day. Therefore, this is brown because I removed it early in the process. It would have been more closer to black after 5 hours. This gives you an idea of the effectiveness of henna coloring.

(1st day)

(2nd day)

As for the design, something original that flowed forth on my left hand (another drawback to self henna tattoos)🤣 as you would have to be ambidextrously ARTISTIC😂🎨.

I have immense reverence for the Hindu and North African artists who have cultivated such a beautiful art form that woman all over the world wear!

They make it look easy!😂

The tube on traditional henna painting is not user-friendly, so it’s like painting with mud from a tube (truly).😂🎨

I recommend getting this professionally done as I WILL once more, to see if this was actually black henna or an additional chemical sometimes added that caused the reaction.🔍🔎🔬

In the meantime



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