More Melenated Goddess beauty (survival) tips!!!📯📯📯

Peace Sista Goddesses!!📯📯📯

Here are a few more tips to POWER you and strengthen you (FROM WITHIN)!💌

Flax seed: A fiber that mixes and cooks well with almost anything. Mix in smoothies, cereal, and more. It’s very satisfying because The building blocks for life )your cells , are fed by this grain, and it’s CHEAP!

Fennel seed: After 35, goddesses need to calibrate their reproductive system simply by taking THESE, as well as Black COHOSH Tea at the onset of menopause(still a ways away for me😻😸). Fennel is easy to eat with salads or just eaten alone (tastes like licorice) and maintains a healthy level of estrogen (based on reports and health journals). As for Black COHOSH, I take capsules once a quarter (yes… once a quarter) and maintain a healthy level of estrogen after 35.🏺💦

Tumeric: An amazing powder that works with my beauty regimen as a salve (mixed with coconut oil) as a facial mask, and more! Keep it in your medicine cabinet! #YummyAlso😋

Essential oils:💐 A PACK OF ESSENTIAL OILS is more valuable than a trip to the spa and as the economy hiccups, much more accessible. Keep these in YOUR purse: Lavender (anxiety, tension, sleep aid) Eucalyptus (sinus help, congestion) Rose(Aphrodisiac, mood). There are more, try these first if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

Olive Oil: ALWAYS WINNING as a hair and body oil and moisturizer. What is really nice, is you can get months supply (8.5 oz) for less than 5$!

This little trip to market cost less than 20$!🙌🏾




*I am not a medical practitioner by trade and do not intend to give medical advice.

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